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Mavericks 10.9 reviews and thoughts


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I should not have none the less I updated already. Not a new install. 


To be honest who ever is not a bit leery of free shit, should be. Not sure why the 'gift' - although I could speculate several different ways, though I have my tin foil hat on, so think about it with everything that we see today. 


Update went well, first impression - geezus would you have a look at the crisp colors on everything. 


Memory compression? Ok sure , running less processes combined makes the system several percentage points faster not just by feel. 


Added menu bars to other screens, yea it works so far for me, although after less than one day into this, I dunno. 


Overall so far fine, not an issue one in any sense. Updated a few softwares and off and running. 


Something however has a creepy feel to it, maybe this is in my head, likely. None the less I'll be watching my external firewall logs to see just what traffic is moving when I am not doing anything, and hopefully flagging anything not intended for transmission. 

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I haven't made the leap yet. I have a mid 2010 iMac, an iPad 2, and an iPhone 4. I haven't jumped to iOS 7 yet either. I posted on Apple's Support Community for iPhone and iPad asking how my two models were doing running the new OS. Lots of iPhone 4 users unhappy that a simple upgrade slowed their phones down. Many of them were fine but it took a complete wipe and a set up as a new device to get them to work right. As for Mavericks, I'm gonna let the jury chew on it for a while and see how things go. One bummer for me is that apparently Mavericks will not allow the use of iTunes 10.7 (I think because it requires the 64 bit iTunes 11).

Unfortunately Apple did away with multiple windows in ITunes 11. To me, that's very important managing multiple playlists. We have these huge iMac screens which allows you in iTunes 10.7 to have your library plus multiple playlists showing, and drag and drop amongst them. In iTunes 11 you get only one window, and you can't add a song to multiple playlists without incessant mousing, selecting, and scrolling.

Keep us posted on Mavericks though. It does have some great features.

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Yes, and I am completely out of my element without being able to tap a couple keys and change desktops. At the same time , I hated it , never did like how when selecting an app, it didn't bring it to you , but instead took you to the damn desktop the app was open on. Pissed me off to no extent lol


I rarely use iTunes anyhow so I cannot relate. I use a local cloud server so streaming music from that is simple without all iTunes BS. 


Couple other 'things' are getting under my skin , but I'll see about setting them before pitching a bitch. maybe lol

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I think they gave it away for free because they wanted to get iBooks on everyones computer... and other software that eventually puts money in Apple's pocket.  It only seems free, lol.


It's cool though, I upgraded.  Couldn't update Randi's macbook, apparently you have to have an aluminum (I think 2009 or later) macbook.  She has a 2006.  I updated all my other computers and everything has been running great.  Honestly they were already running great but things do seem a bit smoother.  My Mac mini, which was still on 10.7 was much more noticeable than my iMac on 10.8.  Network performance on both is smoother than before.


One thing I hate, the activity monitor... I beef is with the network tab.  There is far less detail in the graph and it seems to not count data sometimes.  It's annoying because I use it a lot, guess I'll have to get something 3rd party or make something myself.


All and all, it's good.  Don't be afraid to update your software.  How the hell do you think you got the software you love right now?  You didn't get it by sticking to Windows 3.11 and never updating.  If you don't update... you'll only get left behind.


iOS7 is awesome.  I updated right away and didn't regret it.  It has subtle beauty that alone make it worth the update.  e.g. if you have an iPhone5 or better when you move the phone in your hand the background moves but the tiles float... a weird and subtle effect.  There are several examples... update and see.


I had a couple of bugs but I think they were resolved in 7.0.2 ... now on 7.0.3.  e.g. txt messages got stuck sending... had to do a hard reset (holding power and home button till it resets) to fix.  I've also had my browser crash a handful of times.  But I'm really hard on it, often running 10-20 tabs at a time.  Both Chrome and Safari have crashed like that.

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Strange because mine is a 2007 pre unibody 3,1 - I though I read anything that ran 10.8 or mountain lion was supported. 


Well this I did find so fair enough I suppose ~


Mavericks Capable Macs

Mavericks, like its predecessor Mountain Lion, requires one of the following Macs with at least 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of available hard drive space:

  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)


I never really used the network monitor, but have used nettop , you can run .......

nettop -nc -m route

...if you want to catch it live.


Trying to get ntopng running on mavericks, looks like it'll need compiled Vs. the pkg offered. 

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Sonova **** !


You cannot stretch *anything across screens, what the world is that all about ? I do this a lot, not anymore no ? I'm sure I'll be finding a tweak for that nastiness. 


Forget about safari or webkit when trying to test, it's horrible. Whats up with this ? Firefox and chrome are fine - I understand the firefox being ok, but isn't chrome built off webkit ? 

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Desktops or spaces, are still active in mavericks. Unlike many articles claim. 

While in mission control , move your cursor to the upper right corner of the screen , you'll see then a plus sign appear, clicking this sets up a new 'space' . Drag the app you wish to that space. 


control + the # of the desktop is not working for me yet, but chances are his is a keycap option I'll have to set up. However a two finger swipe left or right , on the display you wish, will take you there. Although this removes the hands from the keyboard, which is irritating as it is time consuming. 


Can anyone explain how to switch spaces on a desktop that does not have the mouse setting on ? 


I quit using spaces when mission control was introduced, never really cared for it. So I have been dealing with a cluster f of layered apps,  I'm willing to give this another go as the mouse thing has crept up on me since. 

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I believe this macbook pro is at the stage in it's age, that 10.8 is the last viable option. 


After a few days 'things' just kept getting worse. Heating up to the point of concern, fans full bore 6K rpm,  while typing, unless I closed my eyes, I could not type. How is this ? Because the letters on the screen were behind by as much as 3-5 seconds. haha Try that one out. 


On copy ( anything even one word) spinning beach ball for a second. 

Web pages load instant- lovely correct ? I watched the network as I typed, prefetch was working flawlessly to pull a cached page in , then upon scrolling, the page would jump all over until the browser recognized I was actually on the page and loaded it completely. This on any site. 


I did read where it can take a week or more to settle in , whatever this means, but no way could I simply wait for an OS to figure out what it has to do, to perform properly.


I can only assume since this particular machine is at the tail end of supported hardware, that it's all too much for the latest greatest. Which honestly I have an ebook reader, I can use google maps, or google earth if I must, I don't use iTunes but rarely, so I found nothing new for myself in there at any rate. 


So I'll be that one getting left behind. Until of course and only when I must flog my account for a new machine. Some of these last year model mac pro's will be hitting the scene for resale soon, so maybe by mid summer 2014. Geezus i would love to grab the new mac pro. 


Did a fresh install of mountain lion, migrated my apps back in, and ohh there the apple machine I know and love.  :)

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