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Windows 7 VM creates odd speed test results... What's going on?

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Hi Everybody,


I was seeing really weird results on my speed tests today on my new Windows 7 Professional VM (as opposed to a physical computer),


I got this VM up and running since I wanted to move away from my University's terminal server, which always got reloaded (and my profile and settings reset) at the worst times (random, I guess).


So, I set this thing up as follows:

Windows 7 Professional

2GB Virtual RAM, 50GB Virtual HDD

Paravirtual Network Driver/Card, Bridged w/IPv6 access


It's bridged to my home network with a 100Mbit connection, but my home Internet connection only subscribes to 15Mbit/1.5Mbit (sometimes it bursts up to 20Mbit, but I think that's off peak only).


These results I'm seeing are way out there. In this picture of my results taken under the VM, you can see the TiP bar being really jumpy at points and I know I don't have anywhere near a 40-to-200+Mbit connection.




The less than 1.5Mbit upload is normal, though, since I have multiple devices. But only this device, the VM, can unlock these crazy speeds. So, I was wondering what's up - is this some function of the VM or Oracle Virtualbox that either has which can do something weird like this?


Finally, performing speed tests on the VM is certainly not consistent at all; this result shows the average as 70Mbit, but one of my other tests shows the average as like 40Mbit.


It's not only visible in speed tests, either - websites load faster than they ever did on one of my physical computers or even any of my other devices like my phone.

I didn't perform any TCP optimization on this VM, if you were curious.

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