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Automatic speed testing over 7 days - with different intervals during peak times


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Hi Guys,


Love the site, it's helped me learn a lot about my ISP's (Just have a look at my graphs).


I have access to 2 ISP's.  Both of which are able to deliver 100% bandwidth during off peak times (when i'm not at home to use it!!) and they deliver <10% of the advertised bandwidth during peak times.  


Basically they suffer from severe contention/ congestion or in other words they are over subscribed..


I want to complain... but before I do, I would ideally like to get some more data points.


Do you have any way to allow more than 100 auto download tests at 30 minute intervals?

i.e. something that would allow for a continuous 7 day period?




Would I be able to somehow set a schedule of when I want to run my Auto speed test?


Every 30 mins between 12am and 5pm

Every 15 mins between 5pm and 12am

for 7 days


Thanks for your help.





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edit: actually, another approach might be if there was a URL interface such that I could setup my own cron job to call a URL every 30mins or 15mins.  It would have to contain my username.




Your server could then query my username before hand just to make sure I wasn't abusing your service, & if you were happy then perform the speedtest.


perhaps a wget command might suffice from my linuxbox under a crontab for this URL.


and I still get to view the graphs under my own username.

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