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Dedicated server with more peers than I have fingers please


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Tired of the all wonderful 'cloud' - the green spectrum of advertising, the VPS that makes you ' feel good' yet leaves you laying sopping wet on the cold hard ground wondering what just happened to your usability ? Yea me too. 


So run off and find us a dedicated server with a reasonable amount of ram, at least 16 GB,  64bit proc - or two, a TB of monthly bandwidth, with a GB connection, at least 500 GB sata drive - with a host that has more peers than I do fingers, all I'll be needing is a shell so I can do wth I need to. 


Yea, get back to me on that one. I'm tired of looking. Only place I find is dacentec, which in all seriousness seems to be getting the cold shoulder from more than if not all peers. 


Softlayer is obviously the most serious suggestion , at the same time , 2GB ram for 110/month ? Please. When one can hit up dacentec for 32GB for 85/month ? 


So it would seem , either you want to actually connect to your server, or you want the server to run great, so long as you don't need bandwidth reliability. 


What a spectrum. 


Heres a gig to mediatemple VPS from dacentec



And here's a gig to softlayer VPS - which I obviously cut short if you look close you'll know why --



And another media temple VPS



You don't even want to see what I can pull locally with a 65MB connection - sickening. 

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Another day of searching, reading reviews, testing does no more than the last several days. You either pay the big boys or you suck it up and go home, taking your ideas (illusions) of grandeur with you. 


The VPS industry is the worst thing that ever happened to the internet. Sure , it created 10 million sysadmins out of thin air, where everyone is an expert until it breaks, created 20K  server 'hosts' give or take 4K , but what truly does any of this accomplish. Instead of harnessing the power of miniaturization geared toward blade servers, we take that same hardware once used for a 'commercial' application (database back then ) added a bit of CPU bandwidth and crammed 100 virtual machines on it that might contain a thousand or more crappy ass websites all screaming for power and seek time. Bah pooey

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