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How can I get my location changed?


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The site lists me in a suburb of the actual city I live in which has FiOS and we don't  throwing the results way off.


How can I get this changed?


Location detection by your IP address is only about 85% accurate.  In the future I'll allow location refinement, right now I wouldn't worry about it.  Your results will be calculated the same either way, you'll just be compared to people in your adjacent city.


On mobile this issue is much more noticeable.  Where sometimes you can be assigned an IP in one city... and travel with that same IP for a while.  GPS location refinement will fix those issues but I have a lot on my plate and have no ETA on that.


Mine says "Monument CO" -- my address is actually in Colorado Springs... but really I'm much closer to Monument.  So it's wrong but not totally.  Personally I'd rather be compared to people in Monument because it's closer to where I really am.


While I'm thinking about it... I'm going to manually update my IP tables database.  It may correct the detection for you... it may not.  But don't worry too much about it, it's generally accurate and doesn't affect the outcome of your speed test.

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A separate question, what is the 2nd scale below the speed test scale in the results labeled "Time Warner Cable Test Log"?


Those are recently logged results from your provider.  There are links below that which allow you to show your own graph if you'd like.

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Ok, it just looked like it was some other set of results from my test, but that didn't make sense. What is the horizontal time period based on?

It's showing the last 100 results from the detected provider and the test type selected. I'll try to make it easier to understand in the next versions. Seems like that confuses people sometimes. You see, there isn't an instruction book for what I do... I make this stuff up as I go. lol... and use your feedback to refine it.

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Ok, it looked more as a time line just as the actual test result above is. I have seen many articles that state most of these test sites are misleading as far as the actual results shown. They don't show the actual state of your broadband connection. This isn't directed towards you, but it was a general question.

A suggestion for a FAQ; Describe the various ways a Internet connection can be tested and how they relate to actual downloads and streaming video.

Also a list of the most popular sites and the method(s) used for testing (assuming a term can describe that).

Regarding the original question; How about the ability to have a zip code entry by the member that would tell the site your town or city?

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for your site. It's no small task and you probably don't receive enough thanks as it is.

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