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Domain name registrars


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Ive been looking for a new registrar aswell let me know what you find out

I've gone ahead and initiate one domain transfer to gandi - although the domain is within 3 days of renew, so it will likely fail. I just didn't want to pay for more than one year since I transfer them when someone buys it. Seems like pennies but add that up in the hundreds of domains for the last couple of years. 


At any rate, once i get this sorted I'll report back. Although I'm feeling good about gandi. I would rather have a registrar where domains can be administered as that, and not a reseller account at a long lost web host fallen to the prey. 

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Gandi.net Is a new found love for me. 


The reason for the latency in transfer, I have domain privacy set inmost domains, since the registered privacy email is a no-reply and not to myself or my company, of course i would see no activity. 


As soon as i removed the privacy setting and re initiated the transfer, I was amazed within the same afternoon everything was complete. Of course this particular domain is a .com , none the less, same day all emails from previous registrar and gandi.net were received complied with and moved forward. 


I'm going ahead with the rest of the domains starting today. As they get into the last three month period , they go to gandi.net. And they will get all of my future business at the is point. 


Just a kicker, you can choose upon transfer to keep your existing DNS \o/ wow ! Transfer and done ! As the registrar populates the DNS stays the same , no downtime, no rushing to change the DNS before the live site goes down. Very freaking cool. Gandi.net gives you email with each domain (if you choose to use it) and a free three page site with each domain. As well as a plethora of other perks. I don't get it , how can they be so freaking awesome, and there not small , far as I can tell at least from 2011 they held over 1.5 million domains, this is not small , and I can imagine if I looked it up much more than this by now. 


AND they accept most if not all extensions , including new, and set you up for land rush if your into that. I can actually have one registrar for all my domains ? OMGosh !! Lot of love gandi.net :)

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