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How Many Millions of pixels can your computer draw per sec?

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the screenshots are on the first page.

i dont know what happened to the quick reply boxes, ive been looking for them.  They were nice :)

If you see a bar on the bottom of the page that says "Quick Reply" click the white artrow next to it.

There is also "Use quick reply on topic display:"  option in the "Look and Layout Prefrences" section of youyr profile

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yea, that's pretty good

4.4ghz on a 3ghz processor...what kinda cooling are you using....? - i had a 3.4ee system (and its sold) oc to 4.6 (totally stable) on a custom built (i built it) water cooling kit using some of the components from a manufacturer called innovatek

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My pc rocks I think. I run it has a shoutcast server sometimes a game server and almost always a web server. And all this is running during this test. I attached my results. And I probably could have scored higher on hard drive but on of them is alomst completey full that is my extenal drice. I have this system 2.8GHz cpu with 40gig internal and 200gig internal and 80 gig external pretty much full. And My video card tock geforce 6800. And the rest 500 watts 5.1 speakers yea. The rest are in the result attached and I just install windows and my not have

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I use it all the time...Gives info on actual processor clock speed, memory speed, hard drive speed, graphics, etc.

Will also find known software conflicts, and give you hints on improving performance..

(the internet speed test is a little off for me..doesn't show full speed).

It has helped me test different drivers accurately, and pinpoint/repair various problems.

For example:

I had problem with slow hard disk read/write on one of my drives(which I found while running the test there)..

I found problem to be with my chipset drivers, updated and boom, my speed was back to normal...

Nortons will screw with the test, so disable it if you plan on running it...

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