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Windows 7 speed tests slow compared to Windows XP

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I recently setup a dual boot system and noticed that the speed test to Dallas with Windows 7 is much slower than Windows XP.


Windows 7   is giving me an average of around 30 Mb/s

Windows XP is giving me an average of around 40 Mb/s


I fine tuned my XP to maximize the internet speed, but most of what I have read online tells me that its best to leave Window 7 alone as much of the setting are dynamic and should not be changed.


True or False ?


Any easy changes I can make to improve Windows 7 speed or just live with it ?






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As you know, I recently set up a dual boot WinXP and Winows 7 system.  Today running Windows 7, I noticed some strange artifacts when I scrolled the screen after doing a speed test.  For example the little blinking square boxes on the speed bar would move as I scrolled down the page.  So, just the heck of it, I added Testmy.net to the compatibility view list and ran another speed test.


With Testmy.net added to the compatibility view list, the speed today was giving me again around 40 Mb/s like Windows XP does.  Prior to adding it to the compatibility view list, I was only getting around 30 Mb/s as noted in my earlier posts.


Since I did a new install of Windows 7, M/S installed IE 11 to my computer.  My WinXP of course runs IE 8.


Something strange going on here with IE 11.

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