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Time Warner Is Getting Slower Every Week


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From near Cincinnati Ohio, I test using the Dallas, TX and Washington, DC servers.

Download Speeds:

- Over the past 6 months (or more) the average speeds during the hours from 2 AM to about 7 AM, I get good speeds - in the range of ~ 25 to 45 Mbps depending on the server selected.

- Between the hours of about 9-10 AM until 12-1 AM the next day, the speeds have been getting slower and slower over the months.

- A couple of months ago they used to dip down to ~ 8-12 Mbps during the peak usage hours. Now they are consistently in the 2-5 Mbps range.

Upload speeds: they are fairly consistent and usually between 3.5 and 4.5 Mbps regardless of time of day.

- Anyone else having similar drastic speed reductions during the daytime?

- Has yours been getting worse over the past 6 months or so?

I'm on TWC's 50 Mbps max down and 5 Mbps up max plan.

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Except that it screams pretty good in the middle of the night. I called them and they pointed the finger at "the Internet". They said I was getting connected at high rates and the bottlenecks were not on TWC equipment. It could possibly be more and more streaming video and audio, and more complex web pages I suppose. But it's getting worse by the month. A year ago it used to slow down by 1/2 during the prime time hours 8 PM - 12 AM. Now it slows down by a factor of 10 from 8 AM until 2 AM the next day. And it's virtually the same every day. And it definitely got worse after Christmas.

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Yea I hear you - overloaded / old nodes as usual. Maybe they have been working on their infrastructure. But today, if you have cable, and not in a densely populated area in a rural setting, you should not see slow does like this. Sure I agree there are those times, we all see them to an extent. 


And still many school children are still off on winter break, so I can see this since Christmas. 

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