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A Kudo, a beef and a question!


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Hello members ;)


I have been an on and off active member for maybe 2 years now. I'm not good at remembering times and distances. But the work that Ca3le has done here has been quality and devoted. I have no real complaint for what all we are receiving for free. Again .. it's the most professional and quality site of it's kind.


I guess I got a beef from what happened just a few moments ago. I had a test running and while it was I was writing about and issue on the forum. I had gotten deep into the issue and all of a sudden WHOOOP! It was gone and the test was running. I thought I'd hit a wrong key or something. So I went back and had re-done the question and deep into the issue WHOOOP! it disappeared again. Skunked once shame on you ... skunked twice shame on me. I then realized you can't be doing anything on the forum if you are running a test. Or have I missed something?  Is that matter posted somewhere on the forum clearly that you cannot work the forum while running a test?  And so then I looked for a place to pause the test and I guess you can only stop that test and restart another later?


I marked as SOLVED another question I asked here just this a.m. My default location keeps going back to Dallas Texas. Someone said it's because I may be cleaning my cache, which I do. But I would have thought our default location would have been kept on the server here at Testmy with our profile rather than on the local here with me. Or, when the banner says on the test that your default location will now be remember in the future, there should be the caveat that UNLESS YOU CLEAR YOUR CACHE?  Just thinking out loud here. I think there's a really good thing here and I know Ca3le carries a lot of it on himself. No outburst of complaint here. Just thinking out loud.

Thanks so much!  Jack  ":-D

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