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My Content (under my user id) is empty


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CA3LE - It's been empty since late December when the mySQL database had the issues. I'm pretty sure some others users' was empty back then too.

It doesn't seem to be logging new stuff either. This post didn't show up in My Content

Not an urgent matter. Put it on your Reminders. Ha. And like one of my old bosses used to say when we were overloaded - hurry every chance you get.

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He has to be powering up right now, I get that feeling from him again, some bad a$$ things are about to happen in the coming months. It's like the calm before the storm. He'll stay up for literally days on end, sometimes not remembering exactly what he did afterwards, behold let there be more features to testmy.net. 


Not speaking for him , just throwing this in there if you don't get a response as fast as you might wish :) Guarantee he's on it though. 

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Yeah, I am gearing up.  No ETA and I'm not doing the next updates incrementally.  There will be a few things that will be updated and released as soon as they're available but for the most part my next version will hit all at once.  Visitors will have the choice to keep using Version 13 if they're more comfortable with that.  Seems that I have a segment of visitors that really don't like major changes.  Actually, Pgoodwin1 if my memory serves me correctly you first started emailing me because you weren't a fan going from v12 to v13.  ... but I'd bet money that you see the value in v13 now and use it exclusively.  Same may happen going to the next version if you're reluctant to change.  I've realized over the years that I can't make 100% of people happy... but I still try.


My aim in the next release is to make it as easy as possible for the common person (non-computer-geek) to use and fully understand what this site does.  When I first started building the TMN speed test I built it for myself and really didn't care if other people understood it.  I usually assume that you have a certain level of computer and bandwidth knowledge but I really want the other 95% to get it.  I'll also be adding advanced features but hopefully in a way that won't overwhelm people... it will only be overwhelming if you want it to be.


I'm also drawing blueprints for a charity.  An organization that aims to provide qualified underprivileged children with free tech learning aides like computers, routers, modems and Internet service.  I won't really be able to talk about it here however because it's a conflict of interest.      ... that's going to be a huge project but I feel really strongly about making it a reality.


I have my work cut out for my on all fronts.  But once the fire is lit... like mudmanc4 said... the work is done before I realize that I did anything.  Hopefully you'll all like the end result.

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Thanks for the fix on the content.

I don't believe I was the one that had an issue going from v12 to v13; I don't think I've ever emailed you a message directly. I think I asked in a thread once how to get back and forth from 12 to 13. Funny, I don't remember what v12 was like - I am 65 yrs old, but I'm not too resistant to change though. I just upgraded to iOS 7. It's been out since Sept 8, but I don't typically dive into a major OS change until after a few updates. It was at 7.0.3 when I took the plunge. I just took the plunge on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks the other day and it's been out since Oct 22. It's at 10.9.1. Pretty happy with both of those upgrades, although I don't yet know that much about the new capabilities in each one.

I can't wait to see what you've been cooking up

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  • 2 weeks later...

In my case the "City" displays "Unknown" under "Database"→"Your detected info".

Additionally to my country I would really like my test results go for the good of my city / municipality.

Can you please advise if there is something I should check at my browser settings or what could be causing my city not being detected correctly?

What I really like in TMN is the openness of database - a possibility to get overview of results by different providers and geographical locations and among other things I really think the more detailed the statistics side of the TMN the better for your business. This us because we the testers not only are interested in our own performance but also want to see how we compare to others from many different angles. I personally test often but even more browse the database - so again the more detail you add to it the better.

Thank you for the best testing site and wishing you all the strength developing it even better, especially the statistics side.

Best regards!

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