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so I got a smart phone


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Android specific, but perhaps you would like to take a look at something I guess worthwile reading regarding smartphone antivirus software:


* http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/do-you-need-antivirus-on-android/

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Exactly. Newer phones have more capacity but in my mind quite unnecessary background process will still alter performance and more importantly will drain juices from battery much faster be the phone old or new. I say the best antivirus and main source of problems is the user itself - keep away from suspicious sites and from downloading APK-s from unknown sources and you should do fine.

And of course congrats on a new phone!


Best regards,


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Wish I could help, I stay with the flip phone.

I am giving serious thoughts to going back to the flip phone. I hate this smart phone so bad. I don't need the computer part of it, Just wanna make some calls and text. Everyone says give it time, I will get used to it. I am not so sure, Considering I really don't use the net on it, don't think the anti virus is so important, I do thank you for the reply's.


The phone itself, Weill I only paid 40 bucks for it, I could not see paying a big chunk of cash for something I was unsure of. Now that I have it, glad I didn't.  I REALLY want my flip phone back. 

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I remember slowly making the move to 'smart phones' , as time went on i found myself spending more and more time staring at that device. Now don't get me wrong, I sure would enjoy having an iPhone for all the times I really need to access email / txt ext immediately and momentarily, to me it's just not with the costs involved. 

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While a smart phone is cool for people that utilize it for work, I have noticed that, and it sure seems to me people have stopped talking and use text. Funny and sad at the same time, see a group of people standing around talking, and sure as heck, they whip out there smart phones like they are a gun slinger. 


Smart phones have replace human interaction. Instead of picking up a phone to "hey, how ya doing" now you pick up a phone and its "hey where you at". Kinda sad. 

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[...] Everyone says give it time, I will get used to it. I am not so sure, [...]

This is interesting for sure how people carry their devices. Some use them as communication on many levels, which in my opinion is great. Other seem to sincerely live as an extention of that device, snapping random snap shots, short clips for vine, or letting soeone know they just had a big poo.


Anything that you have to give time, is either a relationship at times, or another personal matter. Nothing else waits.


There are a million analogies that could go along  with the statement 'give it time' - you'll get used to it '  --- at the same time , if you use it and like it , keep it. If it's just awkward then think. Awkward is a feeling just as any other, in a sense a warning sign. Not necessaily negitive or positive, but youesenses , you.



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I like my smartphone simply because I often check my email on break and lunch at work. I also used it A LOT in college as it helped me to keep tabs on my classes, assignments, etc.

I find it a very useful asset to my day-to-day operations. Hell, I can even do some of my web-development on it.



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