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Need Help making my D-Link Router work with TWC cable modem/gateway/router

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Good Evening Testmy.net Forum Members,


I have recently upgrade my Time Warner Cable broadband internet speed from Turbo to Ultimate ( or it might be called Extreme ) 50 Mbps dl / 5 Mbps ul ability, to where they told me I had to change from my current "ARRIS Cable Modem with Telephony VoIP" which supposed to only allow an up to 20 Mbps dl ability , their Turbo Package.....


I am search for help in trying to find a way to get my existing "D-Link DGL-4500 Gamer Lounge Extreme Gaming Router" to still have full capabilities including it's built in Firewall, NAT, Wireless, DHCP, DDNS as well as all the other Advanced utilities it has and is capable of.......... to work with this new Time Warner Cable Modem/Gateway/Router with VoIP device they are telling me I need to use..... it is a Thomson DWG875-X model that has most of the same functions of my D-Link Router


However, I just need it to act like a simple cable modem with VoIP


I have had a couple of people to tell me to bridge them together, but I am almost certain their is a lot more than that involved here!


my main problem is my whole house is hard wired for 1 Gbps to every bedroom ( 3 ), the Den, Living room, Office/Computer room via CAT 7e STP cable-ling ( for better throughput signal and blocking microwave, emi, etc )


My setup is utilizing (4) NetGear 4-port 1 Gbps switches, with a connected Office Server Printer/Fax/Copier/scanner, a WDTV Plus, a LG NAS Home Storage/File Sharing system with dlna capabilities, an ISCS Network Blu-Ray DL Re-Writer Burner, itunes server, its own DDNS capabilities and FTP Server Abilities, etc... ( other connected items are Samsung SMART LCD TV, a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Player with SMART capabilities


I need some advice, suggestions, on how to go about making it all work.......


I know I need to disable the NAT, the Firewall, the DHCP for starters on the Thomson DWG875-X Gateway..... but is their other actions I might need to or should take? for instance like using "IPsec Pass Through" or using "PPTP Pass Through"


my entire existing Home Network is working flawlessly, and I seriously do not want to ditch my DGL-4500 D-Link Router for their ISP Provided on a Lease "Thomson Cable modem/Gateway/Router w/ VoIP & Wireless Device" 


any help would be so Dearly & Greatly Appreciated


my apology for the long read, I thank you for your time and efforts, to anyone who can help me work this situation out.





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Sounds as if you've got this down.

You should be able to turn DHCP + wireless off, on the DWG875-X, set the WAN IP on the DGL to static via mac address if possible (assigned on the DWG875-X) pointing to the DGL-4500. Making sure the private subnet is the same as you currently have on the DGL.


Depending on the granular settings of the DWG875-X, will orchestrate what you must do to open all ports to be forwarded.


You'll need to use the DDNS settings on the DWG875-X and forward the ports needed. So you'll be double natted which is fine. As well as any other services you need to access externally.


As for the wireless just shut off on the DWG875-X, it's not /ac at any rate.


Many people use network for internal use , if you run into issues with the DWG875-X not allowing you to set a subnet that matches your current network, you should consider using something such as internally for all devices. If most are handled via DHCP you'll have little issue outside of this setting in the DGL.


Post back with your findings :)

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