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data gathered - can we get more?


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Hi Developers of the site.   Just wondering what data is gathered here when I run a speed test.  It looks like, you can get the IP Address (Which gives you the ISP) and you can get the Upload & Download Speed.


But... Would it be possible to get any more information, like the actual exchange I am using (In case of DSL) or the Mobile Mast I am using in case of 3g/4g; or maybe the City/ Town or Location I am in.


Would by doing so give us a bit of a clearer picture?


For example, any ISP will probably have good spots and bad areas of coverage.  If I am in location X near town Y how do I know the best ISP IN MY AREA? I don't, I can only find out the overall best ISP in the state/ country ??


What do you think? Would the ability to add more detailed information to all our speed tests enable us to paint a bigger picture, a "heat" map so to speak of "realtime" download speeds for all our ISPs?  We could then tell who's the best where we live and we can also tell for example if a particular area has suddenly suffered a network issue or graph a towns ISP over time etc.


I'm thinking of my own exchange here which gives the following kind of graph of speed/ping vs time: http://i.imgur.com/VXTjJ6e.jpg  As you can see it's a square wave, peak vs off-peak.  which means it's pretty much useless.


thoughts anyone?  sorry for the rambling, i'm just writing as i think of things...


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Hi Rev,


Thanks for the feedback, sorry it's taken so long to see your post.  I don't know how I missed it this long.  I'm the only developer... so that's why nobody else responded to this thread.  I think that I saw this topic title and thought it was something I already got to.  Really sorry about that.


I have some stuff in the works, keep visiting.  I'm taking my time with the next release so I have no ETA but I'm already working on some of the ideas you mention.  Should be really cool and provide a lot of new helpful information.  


Keep checking back, I'm nowhere near done with TMN yet... haven't even scratched the surface of the vision.

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