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Norstar DR5 PBX prime line issue

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So while setting relocation to move a set, I distracted myself with users needing their box passwords reset, and caused an issue. 


The mailbox password resets went fine. However I changed the DN (don't ask why) for the admin set to the incorrect extension. So what right i know the extension I set it to right, yes, but that day I did not have time in the schedule to move it back.


No one was complaining , for the last two weeks. Friday I went in to make that change. And had to cut it short due to another 'emergency' , I did nothing while there. Nothing is the key word here. 


So I get a call saying no incoming lines ring. One prime and one fax serve 7 sets. This is a 308 DR5 set up as PBX since at one time there were three lines. 


Something else must be in play here, since changing the DN of the admin line should not effect incoming calls directly. Tomorrow I'll change back to the original DN before getting much deeper, although that said ……...


Either way the prime line does not exist on any of the sets, you must press the second line to use the fax line for outgoing calls, trying to use line 01 results in very quiet background noise. 


I asked how long this went on , just since Friday I was told, I did nothing while I was there Friday. 


Who's my phone guy here that can make a suggestion ?

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After playing a game of 'rookie mistake' , and plugging up to the test port (duh-me?) I realized 'something' had occurred over that weekend. 


No dial tone line 01. Geezus, first rule, is there a dial tone at the box ? For whatever reason I assumed I had borked something and never thought twice. None the less, at the pole outside there was a flaw from a small spring storm that weekend. 


It did however torch the entire CCR tree and AA + all tables. After rebuilding everything were good to go. 


Funny I always ask the person - do you have a connection, or I myself check, whether it be networking or what, always check at the first incoming terminal you have access to, basic rule I glossed over. 

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