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Hey guys, first time posting here so I'm praying someone on here can help because I'm in a serious pinch atm.  I'm seriously about to just unplug my net and reformat EVERYTHING, with no back up! Ok hopefully I can explain this well enough without taking forever.


Roommate lets "time Warner guy" to do an unscheduled, by myself or TWC Co., Quality Check.  This guy was driving a personal vehicle that was awesome btw sick rims and everything, with a huge orange cone behind him in the apartment parking lot, oh and a big decal of TWC on the side driver door.  Anyway, I get home when the dudes packed up and leaving to go screw someone else over probably but not even 2-3 minutes after he left my modem/router that I've been renting for 2 years now from TWC restarts.  Thought the network was just refreshing or something, NOPE. For about 2-3 hours it went from resetting itself to be active for maybe at most 60 seconds before resetting and going through the reset process again.  It eventually stopped.


At the time my setup was the ubee modem/router > my linksys router > my desktop.  Never had to bridge anything, never had a call or letter from TWC about our downloading, which I'm sure was absurdly high.  Now this dude comes unscheduled to check everyone in the apartment complex...  Going on now,the morning after he came, @ 9am, starts doing the same thing, for 4-5 hours I'm on the phone with dumb techs, finally get a smart guy that recognizes that I know a bit more about networking and computers than the avg computer and we start to debug the situation.  We end up concluding that we just need a new modem cuz for whateverr reason, the one i had took a poop too big and is malfunctioning so lets replace it with a diff.  Sounds like another TWC story i read about.. i took Screen shots of settings of the modem and packet sniffing but doesn't seem to label the culprit


Fast forward holy shit this long, getting to the main point here.  Got a new modem/router cuz they don't make a just modem for my speeds, god damn bullshit, I'm about to guy buy a surfboard6141! Having ridiculous issues with our network:


- can no longer log into the network through the web app (could the first day we got it).


- Found very suspicious Windows User Profile in the User Credentials when I was trying to use skype last night.  Skype was locked for me, I tried logging in and it was crash the program and sit the "not responding" forever, or i'd be able to log in but all my contacts are offline, i'm bascially in limbo.  I tried my TeamSpeak 3 as well, SAME THING.  ALL THIS WHILE GOOGLE CHROME WORKED FLAWLESSLY, Windows did not have a peep to say about any new events that it wanted to tell me about like some crazy shit going on at that moment!!


- I restart my PC, just after the Logo Screen passes, my Logitech Web Cam's bright ass blue LED lights turn on, before the OS even makes it to the Login screen! and I wasn't even using it recently either! , this shit was unreal. Never seen this before.  


- I take a peek at system events and I don't quite understand it all but I'm thinking somebody is all up in my data with a credential cert. file that probably gave him all permissions.


- At this very moment and the only reason I'm staying on the network is in hopes someone will help me identify this guy or something! I'm seriously going out to the store to buy a new Surfboard Modem tho for sure now!


- Also you should know, I have Avast Free anti-virus, Malewarebytes anti-malware and other utilities, NOTHING picked up anything out of the ordinary.  I have copies of reports, snapshots, XMLs of my system through Piriform Speccy and other programs, I've been running speed tests through  testmy.net continually for the past hour or so as well, including multi-thread. need me to run cmd prompt to do whatever I'll do it.  going to disconnect myself at 1:30pm Central time zone if nobody has offered to help.


I'm worried if i attached system summary file I'd be missing something important to remove that should be, i got rid of my windows serial number at least so yeah, please advise, I could really use some help. :( 

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First thing i might try is asking the ISP who this unknown unscheduled service caller was -


How many others in your complex had him in ? personally I've never heard of anything like an unscheduled event for everyone , makes no sense from any standpoint. The ISP can see all they need from the home office. 


Sounds like a great movie though. 


If your ISP knows nothing about the service call, I would re image the drive, and anything attached that stores data. I'm guessing they do not.


With windows anyone with physical access can put anything anywhere in almost any file named anything that looks like it belongs and have a ton of fun with you. 

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