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dslreports -DDosattacks- drags test site down for weekend


Should internet be monitored to eliminate these types of attacks?  

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  1. 1. Should internet be monitored to eliminate these types of attacks?

    • agree
    • disagree
    • don't care
    • don't know what's going on!

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If I even knew how to do that shit, I'd have a nice job making big bucks!

Eh, people suck!

:( Thats the problem its not very hard to do, and there are even sites and pgms that tell ppl how to do this...:( hmmmm the price of "free" speech...... The problem with monitoring is who will monitor the monitors and, what power do we give them...???

8) Microwave

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personally agree - don't like ANYONE that trys to control what you say or where u go, view etc.  Unfortunately, as with all things, places, activities, there is a general "right and wrong" and should somehow be monitored and checked -  :-|

take driving, noone likes speed limits but if everyone drove 150mph someone would get hit that didn't deserve it - controlled this happens much less of the time but still happens -

I've read that there is some thought to an internation group to monitor activity on the net - trying to get to a point where EVERYONE has access and abusers are banned or restricted in some way.  :roll:

still and all - DSLreports does a great service for alot of folks and does not deserve to be hit like they are :angry5:

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DDoS is such a nube thing. Every wanna be hacker does it now-a-days then when they get cought, cry and say they didnt know what they were doing. Attacking a site for a good reason, like if the site promotes racism or something...i guess....i wouldnt mind lol, altho its still wrong, but attacking dslreports? Why? Who could possibly have something against dslreports?  Damn Skiddies. Learn SyN attx, faster, much more effective as well ;)  :haha: j/k    :confused1:

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