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HDD Light Flashing?

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Well, it flashed for about a month,(Dell M5030, Win-7-sp1, Home Premium), then I got tired of it, So.. took out some software I was playing with, and no, it still flashed. flashing about 60 times per minute, and yet the computer didn't have any problems at all, worked like it always has. Did all I could think of (scans, regedit, files), and was about to do a recovery, when I noticed the little icon on the tool bar, 'ACTION CENTER', so I went into the action center and it says you have 'one' issue to resolve..Run- BACK-UP-, which I haven't done in several months.. So that's what I did, and backed it up on an external HDD, without any problems. Guess what, the light STOPPED blinking 60 times a minute, and now the HDD light is quiet and only works when it's suppose too.. NOW.. the QUESTION is.. Why would this cause the problem.. I have no idea, I'm not a computer technician. Maybe you can resolve this question, thanks for your time, and expertise............. :wave:


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WinSeven has a mind of its own and does many things in the background, such as defragmenting, prefetching, indexing search terms. That is why it's so big and slow. These processes will take place every now and then and might be interrupted by user activity.

You might be able to identify which process is writing to disk using one or more Sysinternals tools: Diskmon (which sectors are being accessed), FileMon (which files are being written or read by which process), Process Explorer (which process is generating I/O), and M$ latest Process Monitor, which is supposed to combine all the tools into one, but of which I know nothing. I would shut down all user applications first to decrease the size of the reports.

In some computers the CD drive may cause the HDD led to flash at periodic intervals every couple seconds, apparently when the drive is being polled for new inserted media. This got me worried several years ago, when I was planning to build a PC computer with flash memory storage.

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I have to agree with j7n here, windows 7, hell even vista (windows7 beta) bashes the HDD over one of a plethora of background services. 


I walked into a new clients server room and noticed dozens of HDD lights flashing, just after out conversation of him claiming " were not running anything at all at the moment"  -- I knew straight away what OS they had loaded. 

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