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this is sort of on topic, but do you run vanilla MC or modded? i found that the weather mod is relentless lol. normal weather and everything but what i mean is that if you have the rare opportunity to see a tornado spawn, OMG RUN.  and have your house built of obsidian haha. i had a house ripped apart by one, so i turned to having a nice looking house, but 99% of everything is underground lol. i dont feel that turning terrain damage from tornadoes off is the answer, kinda ruins the point. but oh man!

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At the moment I'm testing bukkit beta, 1.7.2 waiting for a forge build. Or whatever else at the time strikes us as something to fool with for a minute or two. 


I've been enjoying testing different java flags and beating the pi$$ out of the server, looking for that point where it all falls apart lol


If you would, can you link me to what version your running against the weather mod ? 

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I'm on my phone at the moment but the mod pack in using is suited for 1.6.4. Waiting on everything to update before I grab a new pack version so I don't have to delete and old mods out of the pack.

I've read that the new version should release for 1.7.4 or 1.7.2 but no new reports on an eta for release.


edit/ i believe this is it. http://www.minecraftdl.com/weather-and-tornadoes-mods/ turns out it supports 1.7.4 i believe also.

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