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Why does flash not just die


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How are you people getting flash to function within safari OSx 10.9


I've downloaded it installed it , still getting plugin failure, searched apple discussions and the same tripe over and again. Allowed all sites in safari to use flash. 


Please stop developing in flash. Just allow it to croak belly up peacefully. 

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It's working for me.  Never had an issue like that.  Are your other browsers working with flash after the install?


... as I'm sure you already know, I've always hated flash.  But even if it died today... we'll be dealing with it for years to come.  Flash developers have to know by now that they're riding on fumes and should be transitioning.  If they don't, eventually, they'll be severely limiting their audience.

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Mine seems OK with it. I just installed a Flash update a few days ago but haven't spent much time on the computer since. Mostly on the iPad. I agree about developers and Flash. It's terrible for mobile devices. Even MS and Adobe have admitted as much. Why in this day web page designers still use Flash is beyond me. It's like they don't know that 20% of the people surfing the web are using devices that don't run it. Whenever I run into a page that won't run because it needs Flash, I copy/paste my standard message back to their feedback link. Here it is. Feel free to use it.

Your lack of support for iOS devices is unconscionable at this point. Requiring Adobe Flash is holding you back. The number of iOS devices that are your potential customers number close to 1/2 billion.....that's 1/2 BILLION !!!!!! The world is changing and you're not changing with it. Most of the top Internet sites realize this and have updated their services to not require Adobe Flash. Adobe itself recognizes that Flash isn't suitable for mobile devices, and are no longer updating it for Android. Microsoft Windows 8 will have only limited support for it.

Yes there's costs associated with updating your site but if even if only 0.1% of the 1/2 billion users that are sign up with you, that's 500,000 new customers. Your advertisers will pay for the upgrade to your site.

We use our iPads and iPhones almost exclusively now. We only get on our desktop and laptop computers to do the heavy duty stuff. Looking at your web based services is not the heavy duty stuff. We want to be able to have fully functional sites on our browsers too; not a cheesed down app that doesn't give the user everything the full site does.

When mobile device users see a website, and the first thing they see is a message telling them they need Adobe Flash and they can't use it on their device, they immediately close that browser page, and go to a page that doesn't require it. Mobile users would never bookmark a mobile unfriendly site. Mobile devices are fast replacing newspapers and magazines and the number of users looking at websites on mobile devices is rapidly dwarfing the desktop computer web-browsing population. And before long, few if any mobile devices will run Flash because it is a processor and battery eating piece of software with security vulnerabilities.

What's your rationale for having a website where the majority of the web-browsing population sees nothing but "Adobe Flash Required" or the page controls don't work.? Requiring Flash on your website puts you in the same position as the buggy whip makers once cars took over in the early 20th century. Flash is 1990s technology. Move on and stay in business.

I think since I wrote that a couple of years ago, the number is more like 700 million now

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Used adobe flash uninstall , reinstalled and were good to go. 


I can't truly blame this one one 'flash' itself. Who knows what could have happened during the initial install. 


None the less, it's over, and been over for quite some time. HTML5 anyone ? 


ByeBye flash - rest in peace, you served your purpose. 

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Like it or not 95‰ of video streaming sites out there still use flash based players only a few actually use html5 for that purpose

Yes they do, they are bound by a small handful of 'companies' or services that provide streaming media. These companies have been and continue to draw in substantial benefits from these services. Something I don't see just going away soon , simply because developers are much more interested in revenue themselves, utilizing what is already available to stand upon when building their idea. 


This is a level of development that is on another playing field than streaming media. Which is far less formidable when deciding to delve into one of the largest markets in social media revenue. Why be concerned about these little details, when all that needs done is to find an opinionated / knowledgable demographic, in any given niche to draw in viewers slash clickers, then utilize one of the several already widely used plugins for video. Just add a small script and you have instant website. 


This to me is a major failure of ingenuity let alone individually prospecting ones own creativity. I mean look around , you can go from one site to the next, which is more or less the same thing , different layout different coloring and a few features that vary slightly. Not much new. We are bound and stuck in the mud by our own complacency. 

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Thankfully, the major video streaming sites make apps for iOS devices and Flash isn't used. The apps are pretty good. They really only have to do a couple of things. Browse for videos, organize your list, and stream. They may lack a feature or two, but overall they are good. If there's an equivalent Android app, I wouldn't think the experience would be much different - don't know, I don't own one. I don't know if they're Flash free either. I would think they'd be Flash free to help the users save battery life.

I get more Flash updates for security patches than any other software on my iMac. Not a good sign. The only bad thing about the Adobe Flash update site tips that the design is somewhat simple and has been copied to the point where identifying a counterfeit is very hard. I go into a state of terror every time I see one of the "a Flash update is available" messages come up.

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