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Google Fiber 1Gbps Supposed Speed


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has anyone heard anything new about the Google Fiber Internet project where they are supposedly installing 1Gbps Internet speed and TV for like $120 a Month?

I also heard you can get the 1Gbps Internet separately for something like $70.

If this is true it just plain destroys Comcast's claims at having the fastest internet.

I remember awhile back Comcast was charging $70 or more for the 50Mbps connection which is now called blast I believe and I think the 105Mbps Extreme was the fastest they advertised.

I know the 50Mbps connection is rarely running at 50Mbps more like 40Mbps.

If the Google Fiber is true that would be almost 10X faster then Comcast's Fastest speed and as a basic connection for TV subscribers and such a low Price independently seems Comcast finally has some competition and no longer has the Monopoly over Internet and TV locally.

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That's cool, I guess they are advertising the 1Gbps speed in your areas also??

Its amazing I was just figuring and that is 20X faster then what I have. I cannot even imagine that. Not to mention I just realized that 1Gbps would be much faster then any WIFI setup I have heard of. I have heard something like Dual Band 300Mbps but no 1000Mbps.

I do have a Gbps NIC so I may have to run wired to get anything above 130Mbps I think is my WIFI  or maybe that is the limit of the Comcast Router not sure.

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