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What is "middle variance"? Is it better to be high or low?

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Welcome gerry5,

Middle variance is how much the speed varied in percentage. Only the middle of the TiP is considered. So from 10% to 90% of the progress percentage of the test... the high and low readings in that range are used to determine middle variance.

You want a low number, means less flucutation. BUT sometimes clients that have bottlenecks are present can have almost no variance... so sometimes under 5% can be a clue to something else.

Mouse over some of the words throughout the site and tooltips will popup explaining things. Just a heads up, many people may not notice that.

Happy Testing!

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Just stumbled onto this site and and am very pleased with what TestMy.Net does.    I have taken the results to my Internet provider, and it has really helped my in gathering evidence of my Speed as well as fluctuation. Nevertheless, I have a question regarding the cycle. If the the service is disconnected, the autotest stops workin, so it has to be restarted again. Is there a way of having the cycle based on the PC time(clocktime) and not on the web up-time?


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