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Speeds all over the place


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 I have been with Dish for about 9 months, I guess that's Hughes now.I have had a lot of trouble with speed up and down, I had my 10/10 gig allotment sucked up in one day, I disconnected everything but the modem, the operator said it had to be at my end, it couldn't be

the modem and then He looked at my service and said, I had used a 1000 mbps just while on

the phone, so He knew it wasn't at my end,anyway they changed some setting in the modem and that took care of that problem. I have always had speed problems, sometime I can't get

on the internet and I have the highest end service, now15/15, it seems after you call them the service gets pretty good for a bout a month, I am thinking there overloaded and have to keep

moving the speed around . I am very happy with the TV service, but the Dishnet is not so hot.

I would be satisfied if I could get 4 or 5 mbps. fairly consistent, I have learned what time is the

best and live with it, but it sure isn't what they advertise. I wonder if anyone else has this experience?

                          Thanks for any help        Jim

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 My speed right now is 583 Kbps, the graph shows long stretches of less than 1 mb., Sometime

it's up to 10 mbs, but most of the time it's around 2Mbs or less, I check it on ookla also and it

reads about the same, I have 3 pc's and they all show the same 2 with Win 7 and 1 with XP, We never have but 1 on at a time. I just can't figure out how the reception  can be so poor, when I look at the graph, its spikes  up and down  wild as can be and spends a lot of time right on the bottom. I'm not a crier, this is the first thing I have ever complained about, anywhere, I

just live with it ,but this has me really sick and I wondered if I was the only one with this problem. I thank you for the reply, and would appreciate anything you can tell me.

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