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Oh No - it's the 2016 elections :face palm:

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Dare I even start this, sure , why, because many will be trying to push their idea's on everyone else in the name of politics. That and I have a huge cache of popcorn ready for the circus. Oh that and frustration promotes masturbation, and the porn sites need that boost.  


As soon as the media (hollywood) sets the tone, agenda and 'issues' , the masses will follow their leader and take on that personality. 


Suppose they will wait until after the mid term to start in too heavy. None the less, enjoy the planet psych that is about to send a barrage of poop slinging agitators. 

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LOL. Trump, he's the most colorful. At least you know he's full of it. At least he is honest about it.


But truthful I have a feeling he will continue to shake up the USA, I just hope like with every president elected he is honored after 8 fruitful years. He is not afraid of a fight, and he says what most americans think but are afraid to say .............. and he seems unstoppable. 


by the way my 16 year old daughter is a Sanders fan. LOL

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Trump should just stay in the media as another crappy reality TV personality. Then I can tune him out. HIllary certainly isn't the greatest prospect to come along for sure. But OMG Donald Trump as President of the United States? He's the very definition of "waffle". Tells people exactly what he thinks each audience wants to hear. Yes, that's true of any politician, but most of them at least don't turn 180 degrees. Hillary, while I don't hold out any hope for a great presidency, is far less scary than Trump. 

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Back by popular demand :blink:

Read on at your own risk, pure speculation follows.


The US is in for pain, big time. In fact the world is on fire no longer smoldering spotty campfires.


Consider how much corruption the system has against it, now consider all political and financial hands in the till. These issue at this point at least, are insurmountable.


The US butting heads with Russia, Iran aligning with Russia in Syria, Germany, France, the EU all in turmoil and under attack (or being occupied in some opinions), just to list a few, very few of the building and current conflicts.


The financial status of the Federal Reserve, when they raise rates, the US becomes insolvent, and cannot pay it bills, this is not good, China owns billions if not trillions of our debt. Now what happens when a debt cannot be paid, assets are assessed and divided up between the note holders (bond holders in this case), they did not buy the bonds for no reason, the interest alone is huge, but the payoff could be massive.


Fractional banking systems internationally are falling, only and roughly 15% of all 'wealth' is held in cash, the rest, numbers on computers, nothing more. People buy paper gold and believe it's going to save them. Someone do the math on the reality, if banks are only liable for point 1% in the fractional system, that's 0.1% of their loans, held in cash, this means, well this means there is no money, it's a farce, respectively. A facade in order to facilitate control.


Where is the value?

In the last ~20 years even 30 years, it's all about oil. Why. Commerce? Cars? Gas? Plastics? So many of the items under the control of the fractional banking system?


This global 'issue' has dominated every aspect of our lives. Why? War. Where there is war, there is profit, each time there is a crisis, there is war. This time it's not as much about money as it is power and control. Now the entire globe is experiencing the same crisis. It's not looking good. But we, as in humans will be fine. Just not living the lives we've (at least in the US) have been accustomed to. Much more to the likes of what we see each time we turn on the boob tube, imagines which come from mainly outside of this country.


I see this as inevitable, global conflicts can be seen currently, building, tensions higher, and war machines ramping.


So this is it, it does not matter who is president. The insight into the massive corruption we have seen shows us how the entire globe is corrupt and tearing itself apart.


It looks as if the current administration, as well as those associated with, want Trump to be president. So when the shit hits the fan, Republicans can be to blame (although Trump is not a Republican). Think about this, the powers that be have announced they are 'looking into more corruption from something they found on Carlos Dangers laptop, while investigating child pornography issues which his now ex wife, Huma Abedin (Clintons vice chairwoman for the 2016 campaign.) whos mother is Saleha Is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs Ph.D. in Sociology. Enough?


Now the powers that be see's Trump is 'losing' according to the electoral college, and this is not part of the plan. Trump must win, in order to continue the globalist plan of domination. Of course this is speculation. It's always been this way, this simply gets larger with history behind us.  


Why else would the FBI come out and say they are digging back into issues already gone over, and supposedly resolved? Just days before the election. So that the people who have not be slurped in last year, are drawn away from the corruption and Trump wins in a landslide. Either way, it looks as if Trump will ferociously win the popular vote, however so close on electoral votes. hence the FBI speaking again. Claiming nothing else will be said, until way after the election.


Considering the fact the presidency is not the goal line, in any sense. It's globalism. A take over of the constitution. And all countries and their personal treaties with their peoples. Just as has happened countless times through history. Just on a larger scale.


More ridiculous thoughts warning:


Seems the republicans are now what the democrats used to be. What so many of today's democrats are still in limbo believing is their own.  


While democrats appear to be progressive globalists working for global communism.


Which shows the slide toward globalist imperialism overall. However circuitous the elitist community directs forward movement, while even so assumed, a proper global community is assumed to facilitate the endurance of the human race on this planet, globalism does not necessarily require a group, or many groups to be kept down as stair steps to life another up.  


Take the abortion movement; the very same political groups claim to be for equality, fairness, and human rights, are conjoined with those perpetuating dis-allowing the chance for a future by default. By effectively reducing a sector, by millions annually, where the effect is shown by uplifting another sector, in turn the very same citizens are antagonized into boisterous tools. Which would be the antithesis of the 'verbal' political agenda. By definition this might be assigned to some 17 caricature phycology term.   


Republicans as a whole, appear to have little more to do with actual conservatism, than the democrats have to do with liberalism. 


Take the selection of candidates; one constitutionalists in the crowd, which was ousted by the powers that be ( political media aka world governments entertainment division ), shows the tint of globalism, then we have a business person, shows globalism, a very well rounded and connected political elitist, erm, globalism. 


The dots are moving where only the lines should be drawn. The world appears to be morphing into some form of Marxist communistic Machiavellian structure, and many of us are directed towards issues that are exploited, while fruitless to explore, as so many of them have already been solved in history. 




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If nothing of the above post rings true, then why would the FBI be investigating five of Clintons top aids?

The FBI and associated alphabet soup organizations are not stupid, nor do they randomly assert themselves, even at such a critical point in time.

She will be decimated, more infos coming out today to demolish her chances (supposedly). There are powers aligned here.



The extent to which Hillary Clinton's key advisers are now the focus of major FBI investigations is becoming clear.

The Clintons' long-term inner-circle - some of whom stretch back in service to the very first days of Bill's White House - are being examined in at least five separate investigations. 

The scale of the FBI's interest in some of America's most powerful political fixers - one of them a sitting governor - underlines just how difficult it will be for Clinton to shake off the taint of scandal if she enters the White House.

There are, in fact, not one but five separate FBI investigations which involve members of Clinton's inner circle or their closest relatives. 

The five known investigations are into: Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin's estranged husband sexting a 15-year-old; the handling of classified material by Clinton and her staff on her private email server; questions over whether the Clinton Foundation was used as a front for influence-peddling; whether the Virginia governor broke laws about foreign donations; and whether Hillary's campaign chairman's brother did the same.


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Just to add my tuppence worth , https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tuppence_worth

Now the day has arrived ,  thought I would share my thoughts  that I sent in Email to a good long term Friend across the pond ,

looks like it will be a close result ,  which is bad news , same as our Brexit vote "Leave" won by a 1.85 % majority of folk that voted ,

it divided folk almost 50/50,   and the row is still going on , we now have unrest on the streets and I figure violence will be next ,

it's taboo to ask a  Brit  how they voted , it carries a risk of getting a punch in the face , which is very unlike the normally placid Brits ,

this is going to last another 3-4 years , while the country has lost sight  of making Britain Great again , fear the same may happen to America ,

meanwhile Putin is LHAO  while watching from the wings , ww 3? doubt it , why bother when your opponents are staging a comedy on stage ,

Just my take on things , hopefully I will be proved wrong on that , indeed this world needs some stability at the moment , who will provide it is yet to be seen  , but IMHO that red Bear is going to take some caging ,

Best Regards USA

Roco.. (temp resident UK )

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