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Does the test send personal data?

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I was wondering if this site uses people's data in order to run the test?


Hi Paris,

Depends on what you mean.  Some people say "uses data" and are talking about their data plan or allocated bandwidth.  In that sense, yes it uses your data.  If you go to https://testmy.net/myresults below the graph you'll see the amount transfered for the displayed query.  So you could for instance enter "30" days [click update], if you have more than one page of results change the "number of results/page" below the graph.  Whatever shows on the graph is what will be calculated.  I'm attaching an example.  See, I transferred ~6GB in the last 30 days in speed tests.  One thing to consider is that tests leading up to the final result aren't calculated only the final result is.  If you're on a limited data plan I first recommend getting a client side application for monitoring data.  Manual test size selection on the download test and upload test can also help better manage low allowances.
I don't think that's what you meant... are you asking if it's transferring anything real from your computer?  In that case, absolutely not.  All of the data transferred when you test at TestMy.net is computer generated on the fly, totally random and is designed to NOT remain in any memory after the test is complete.
I hope this helps.  Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net


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