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TMN reflects true speed when ISPs test doesn't, youtube is a drag at 360p

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When I use your speed test, I consistently get speed-test results that reflect my browsing experience at the time. But testing my broadband connection's speed using my ISP's online speed-test facility at the same time always turns up a result with a higher speed. I am supposed to have a 2Mbps speed after 11 p.m., but it's a drag trying to stream Youtube videos at a 360p resolution. Could you tell me what I can do to fix this?

Varun Meena (New Delhi, India)

Hi Varun,


If I had a toothpick for every time I heard this I could build a log cabin.


I can't tell you how the other guys do it.  What I do know is that TestMy.net works.  If your connection is influenced in any way it is always reflected in the results.  From what you wrote it sounds like you already know this.  You can feel by your experience that my test is right... so why are you wasting your time with the other one?  I don't understand why the other tests are so popular when they're so wrong... I think that people want to feel like it's faster than it really is.  I'm not here to lie to you just to make you feel better, I'm here to help everyone improve their Internet speed.


I don't see your email address registered, please sign in and run a few more tests.  TMN is a little better if you're a member.  Try using the mirror and multithread speed testoptions as they will provide deeper insight as to what's happening.


Email me back with your results or username and I'll try to help you get at least a comfortable 720p out of youtube.   :)


- Happy Testing!

- Damon - TestMy.net



Hello Damon,


I am waiting to receive the link in my email to complete my registration. Thank you for making contact so promptly and helping me out on the issue.



Varun Meena

Did you get an email?  Check spam folders.  I'll manually reset your account when I get to my computer if you need me to.


- D


I can now log in at your website. The email was indeed in my spam folder.



Varun Meena

/sigh ... I don't understand why it does that for some people and not others.  Oh well, something to look into.

I hope that your issues are getting resolved.  Let me know if you need any further assistance. 
- Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net

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