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< 1/2 my normal internet speed... all of a sudden.

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I think your Amsterdam Server may be experiencing a problem :)

I'm used to TMN showing my transfer speeds as slightly better or much the same as speedtest.net.  However, right now, TMN connected to the Eutropean server at Amsterdam, is reporting less than half the transfer speed of any other service on the net.  If I do a  multi thread test however things pick up dramatically.

Is this possible?  Could the Amsterdam server be having problems?

Will you read this?

If you do, will you answer?

If you do it'll be the first time :))



Hi James,

It's possible, I'm looking into it right now.  Could also be a routing issue between you and that server, may not be affecting a wide area.  I just logged into that server and tested...
https://testmy.net/db/DM4xvhq 155 Mbps download all the way from Texas.  Even further to San Jose CA I was still pulling over 100 Mbps.  From what I see it looks like it's running great.
Try again, maybe it's fine now.  On the mirror page under the 'self hosted' tab you'll find some more servers in DE and UK you can try too.  
Thank you for reporting this.
"Will you read this?
If you do, will you answer?

If you do it'll be the first time :))"

Do you mean it'll be the first time in general or have you tried to contact me before?  I'm usually very responsive but I do take time off and get overwhelmed sometimes.  Realize that all of TestMy.net, every aspect, is built and maintained by one person... and I'm not a machine.  (yet)
- Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net


Hi Damon,
                        :)  It's nice to hear from you.  yes, I've contacvted you on many occasions to ask how on earth I could possibly make my default selection of servers stick?  I go through the motions of logging in to my account, picking my default server as Europe (Amsterdam) and then save.  Then, every time I come back (Which is often) I have to go through the whole scenario again :sad:
The m,ain reason I asked about the server was that TMN is giving me reported download speeds of between 1Mbps and 1.5Mbps whereas all other services are showinf over 5Mbps.  under normal circumstances there is a small difference bertween the services, TMN usually showing a slightly higher throughput.  recently however I noted that my SNR figures had started to rise and, therefore, my sync speed dropped.  This went on for around 10 days before I contacted my ISP and requested a line reset.  They did this and, although my sync speed has recovered somewhat, I still suspect that TMN is being more truthful about my throughput but, since the Communications providers test site (British Telecom) agrees with the other, faster reports, I cannot make any headway with reporting a possible fault.
We only get an 8Mbps service here (ADSL Max) so I am keen to try and extract the very best I can from this and am hindered in doing so by, what I consider to be, erroneous reporting by my Telecoms provider who only guarantee 600Kbps dowbnstream I note :sad:
I would love to go to them with my recorded figures from TMN which started at around 7Mbps downstream and have slowly crept down over the past few months.  This most recent crash is so big a jump that I wondered if perhaps the server was experiencing problems.
When I do a multi threaded test I am getting a reported 4.9Mbps which is closer to the other sites for sure.
It's a bit of a minefeild as I'm sure you are more than aware :)
Thanks for getting back to me, I've no idea why my previous mail became lost but alls well that ends well :)
Regards from the Highlands of Scotland,

Hi James,

Actually, I found your emails...

Thanks for a great test site, very useful in the constant arguments with my Providers over speed and stability.

One thing I can't seem to get right though is my default server setting which continually reverts to Dallas Texas.  I always set it back to Europe but it keeps changing.  Any ideas?

Many thanks.


Good Morning,

             I wonder if you can let me know if you rceived my previous mail on this subject?

I can't quite understand why, when I have an account, which seems to manage to remember my previous test data, that it cannot retain my default preferences, specifically my preferred server/Mirror?  I have to go through the long drawn out process of selecting server every time I log in and, get met with the proud proclamation that "I will remember your preferences" or something to that effect :)

It's a small thing but it would be nice if it actually worked and would help with the overall feel of reliablity of the site.

PLease respond even if you feel there is nothing that can be done....it would at least show me that these mails go somewhere?




One from Feb was read but I hadn't responded and the other was unread.  Easy question too, would have taken me a second to answer.  I actually remember the question coming in... I thought I answered you.  I'm really sorry.  If you could peek at my inbox you'd get a little idea.  And part of the problem is that I get spammed sometimes over 20 times before a legitimate question comes in.  Bots just never let up.  Even minus the bots... I get lots of questions.
I've found so many incidences like yours lately it's prompted me to make some changes.  I think what I'm going to do is create a support ticket system.  So that I'm sure to answer all questions and follow up on every response back.
So, that's one thing I need to add to the list.
Now, on to that Feb 20th question... half a year later...
If it is continually reverting you must be clearing your cache often.  Maybe you have it set to clear on exit.  One thing you can do for right now is pull up a second browser for testing.  Then, don't clear your cookies on that browser and it will remember.  ......... you know what.  Eff that, I'm going to build something into the site for you right now.
... okay, done.
Now that setting is stored in TestMy.net's database.  When you're logged in it will go off of your username and when you're not logged in it will affect all computers on the same IP address.  Doesn't matter if you clear your cookies, the server will remember now.
I hope this helps.  By the way, feel free to email me directly next time you have questions or concerns.
Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net
I take requests seriously, many of the features you've come to expect from TMN started as suggestions by my users.  Contact TMN or start a topic in the Make TMN Better forum to let me know how I can make TMN work better for you.  Criticism welcomed.


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