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new charter speeds but not showing up here


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got a free speed increase a few weeks ago from 30mbps to 60mbps from charter cable. i have yet to get any where near 60mbps download results from this site yet.


i can get 60mbps down from ANY other site, even the totally inaccurate flash based sites, all day long though.


what gives? can this site NOT handle that speed, or does it take a boat load of other charter members testing here to make the average go up, so that this site makes people feel like they're getting that speed?


thank you



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Trust me, TMN has no problem keeping up with your connection. The server you were testing on is connected to the Internet by 2X 1000 Mbps of tier 1 commercial bandwidth. Round robin style to even the load across the controllers. .... you could never max out my connection with your connection. The server end here has so much more bandwidth than the average client and I make sure that there is always a large pool of resources available. I upgrade servers here before resources ever become an issue. TMN has hundreds of Gbps of bandwidth at it's disposal if needed. Resources are also under constant quality monitoring. I take accuracy seriously and it can only be accurate if the server end is more powerful than the clients I'm serving.

If you look at the recent results or Charter's speed test log you see that others have no problem pulling faster speeds than you. My home connection pulls over 105 Mbps all day long on TMN. Your connection doesn't look as bad as you might think. Look closely at your results, like this one. The overall score was 51.5 Mbps but during the test you held out over 60 Mbps for a while. When you calculate and factor in everything that's when your overall score drops.

Understand that I'm not here to make you feel good, if I was I would calculate my numbers based on incomplete information like the other guys. I'm here to tell you what I see and hopefully help you improve on it. You describe the flash tests as totally inaccurate, I don't understand why you're still using them. If you need to compare results you should use mirrors not those flash tests. :-)

You haven't tried multithread yet. Personally, that allows my connection to really open up... to the point that it will cause other Internet applications to trickle because the test uses nearly all of my bandwidth. That test not only multithreads but it's also possible to test across the globe in a single test. You can test any combination of my servers and return a single result. This allows for testing across many routes at once... fastest for me is the Google PageSpeed option, which utilizes Google's CDN. You lose extra detail in multithread but if you want to try for maximum speed that's the way to go. I've seen that some connections and computers don't handle multithread as well as the classic test. You just have to try and see for yourself.

There is also a new test being released in about a week that I think you might be interested in. It will allow you to test from any source you want. Here's a post from yesterday where I mention it. https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/32037-fiber-connection/?p=344834  (Mercury released)

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from what i see on the charter results page, https://testmy.net/host-history/charter_communicatio there are like 4 resutls getting what i usually and used to get on old speed tier. i used to get from 30-40Mbps all day long on the 30Mbps tier. feel sorry for all those people getting 3-5Mbps on charter considering their lowest tier is the 30Mbps one.


i only mentioned the flash tests because you mention how inaccurate they are on front page. i take those, and this one, with a grain of salt every time.


just tried the multi thread test, but only selected dallas as my location, as i always get good results when testing from there. got a whopping 42.6Mbps there. little to early for salt though!! ;)


not a big thing that the numbers don't show my real speed as i know these tests are supposed to show an average and not just your highest peak, but was just wondering why my results aren't higher than when i was on charters older, slower tier.


thank you

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Are you using an old DOCSIS 2 modem? What's the model number?


no, not using an old docsis2 modem. have docsis3 and there is nothing wrong with my equipment or any of the 9 computers i have access to here.


i KNOW about the "up to" thing also but have NEVER gotten BELOW my advertised speeds here or any where else until getting bumped "up to" the 60/4 plan and now CAN NOT get anywhere near 60Mbps down here, but still can everywhere else!!


check out these fantastic results!!



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I would bypass the router and test directly to the best computer in the house.  Doesn't always have to be bad hardware, could be that one of the connected machines is pulling lots of bandwidth for some reason.  Maybe someone in your house is torrenting… maybe your network isn't secured and your neighbor is pulling bandwidth.  If you connect directly and get similar results then you can be pretty certain that it's a problem before your home network and computers.  In that case I'd call Charter… especially since you say that you were getting your speeds before the upgrade.


This is a longshot but maybe they're overloaded in your area and it wasn't noticeable until everyone was upgraded.  Everyone in your neighborhood is pulling more bandwidth now… maybe the outgoing pipe in the area is creating a bottleneck.  This should especially be considered if your speed is dropping heavily during peak Internet hours (when kids get out of school and parents start getting home).  Cable Internet is a shared system between you and your neighbors.  Even in areas with lots of bandwidth this can easily be a factor.  In Phoenix I saw fluctuations of up to 20 Mbps after 6PM.  It got better before I could complain, they must have opened up more bandwidth in the area.


If you connect directly and all of a sudden your speed improves here… well… then you know that either you have an issue with the router or one of the connected machines is sucking up your bandwidth.  In that case, since you have 9 computers, disconnect a couple at a time till you see it improve again.  Slowly you'll zero in on the problem computer.  Don't assume because hardware is new it's infallible… new hardware can fail as easily as old hardware.


I wouldn't call my ISP until it was tested directly (minus the network and all the other computers).  I'd even test a couple of the computers that way to rule out the machines.  If they come into your house and find that it's an issue outside of their control (like your home network or one of your machines pulling bandwidth out of control) they're likely to charge you for a service call.  Some cable providers will charge you just for walking in your house.  Just be careful there.  Make sure that before any tech leaves your home that you've gone over any and all charges.  Contractors, which are often who you deal with, have a lot of incentive to make sure you're charged.  Be cautious.  If it's their issue… you shouldn't be charged.  Many providers consider any wiring beyond the side of your home to be your issue, keep that in mind too.


If the computers you're testing are on wifi, again… test directly connected.  First without the router then with the router.  If your speed is improved with both those connections you may be dealing with wireless signal issues.  Could be as simple as better router placement in your home.  … why this would all of a sudden be an issue?  Maybe you recently put new electronics near the router, could be interfering.  Maybe you've recently moved it or maybe someone has put something on top of the router either causing interference or causing it to overheat.  Could be many things when it comes to wifi.  See WIFI Slow and wireless fung shui.  Router placement can make all the difference.  But, because your issue has just arisen this is less likely but still worth looking into.


I'd really like to see your issue resolved.  Please let us know if any of this helps.


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