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Internet connection slow via cable but faster via Wi-Fi

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I just had my ISP changed and they gave us a Wi-Fi Modem.


The connetion is through TV cable that goes into the modem, then from the modem a telephone cable (broadband cable I guess) goes into the PC.


The speed is very poor, however it's far better on my mom's laptop via Wireless connection, and also on smartphones too!!


How is it possible? I would like to turn the tables since my mom really doesn't need that much speed.. what can I do?

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So the wired connection is running worse than the wifi?


If you're running Windows 7 or below try TCP Optimizer.  A free program that quickly optimizes TCP settings.  Lots of people report back with better speeds after using it.  https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php 


I would also check the cat-5 cable going from the modem to the computer.  If you have another one laying around swap it out and re-test to see if this improve.


Does the PC have wifi also?

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My wireless is never faster than the wired Ethernet, although I have a wireless router that's separate from the modem. But that shouldn't matter. Unless your PC is old and a slow machine ( so old it has limited processor speeds and RAM or so old it only has 10 Mbps Ethernet) compared to the laptop, the Ethernet connection should be the fastest.

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You might want to check the settings of the Ethernet adapter in the computer (via Device Manager, adapter, advanced). There might be a Duplex mismatch between the PC and the modem if a particular speed has been forced. There should be a listbox showing different speed as well as the default Auto Detect and Auto Sense. Set it to Auto.

To see if the problem is with the PC or the modem, try connecting the Laptop or another computer via Ethernet (by cable, if it has the option) and measure the speed there.

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I notice from downloading TCP Optimizer and browsing the documentation that when I choose the "Optimal" radio button that there is no LOG option as the documentation. I see the backup check box. Is this something that has changed in the program but not the documentation?



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