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Mirrors will all reboot today


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This update provides a minimal start time for maintenance per data center. The order has been revised to lessen client impact and speed remediation. Data center maintenance will be applied in the following order. Each data center will take a minimum of one hour to complete maintenance.

1. SNG01 (already in progress)
2. HKG01
3. SEA01
4. TOR01
5. AMS01
6. LON02
7. WDC01
8. DAL05
9. DAL01
10. DAL06
11. HOU02
12. SJC01

Right now the asia server is down (Singapore).  Later (in this order) Seattle WA, Amsterdam NL, Washington DC and San Jose CA will go down.  For about 1 hour.  This was to fix a Zen vulnerability within the datacenter.  Dallas is dedicated so it will have no issues.


As the server come on and offline tests will be rerouted to Dallas if you're selected on a server that's under maintainence.  Just a heads up.

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I'm also migrating data over to a new, more powerful server.  When it's restored and DNS forwards you to the new server you may be missing a couple of days of test results.  These additional results will be imported once the other database server goes offline.

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Ah yes, the BASH vulnerability that was discovered last week if I recall.

Hopefully nothing too crazy happens from it.



Blown out of proportion. Executing bash from HTTP headers is common in crappy code, besides invoking sh you can mimick POSIX and grab env's from HTTP headers, so this entire issue is null. Sure, exploitable, in some strange obscure fashion, scary? Not so much. 

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ok cable, nvm - it sorted itself out and i just got two nice 50/5 tests as expected.  

i had asked twc to downgrade my speed from 100/10 to 50/5 because i could not

find any "killer app" worthy of the $120/yr additional expense.  after the downgrade,

everything seemed to work fine - except your test sight - but now that too is normal.

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