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Retina iMac ... This Thursday?


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I'm hoping that they're talking about a new iMac.  I've been dreaming about a retina iMac for years.  

I really hope to also see the 14nm Broadwell processors but according to much that I read it may be a year off.  Some make it sound possible.  All I know is that those chips are pretty amazing, only like 4.5 watts ... doesn't need fans or even heatsinks.  If they put that in the new iMac it will be insanely thin.


If it has 5k+ resolution... Apple won't be able to take my money fast enough.

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iMacs last.  Great investment for serious computer users.  ... they pay for themselves in longevity and productivity, multiple times over.


Same can be said about a well built PC, with the right software setup.


... what's this..... .... ...


DUDE!  I just noticed your stuff on youtube.  You're really good!


I especially like "Not My Cross To Bear" from 1973.



Wow.  Very, very cool.

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That was recorded live in a bar in Wichita with a home reel-to reel recorder with two mics out on a table in the middle of the room. One of the band mates still had a cassette copy a couple of years ago and sent it to me. The tape was so old it had a few smudges in it, but it does still sound pretty good. HAH. I was 25 then. I'm 66 now and still sing and play that one out in the band I'm in now.

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