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Retina iMac ... This Thursday?

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I'm hoping that they're talking about a new iMac.  I've been dreaming about a retina iMac for years.  

I really hope to also see the 14nm Broadwell processors but according to much that I read it may be a year off.  Some make it sound possible.  All I know is that those chips are pretty amazing, only like 4.5 watts ... doesn't need fans or even heatsinks.  If they put that in the new iMac it will be insanely thin.


If it has 5k+ resolution... Apple won't be able to take my money fast enough.

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iMacs last.  Great investment for serious computer users.  ... they pay for themselves in longevity and productivity, multiple times over.


Same can be said about a well built PC, with the right software setup.


... what's this..... .... ...


DUDE!  I just noticed your stuff on youtube.  You're really good!


I especially like "Not My Cross To Bear" from 1973.



Wow.  Very, very cool.

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That was recorded live in a bar in Wichita with a home reel-to reel recorder with two mics out on a table in the middle of the room. One of the band mates still had a cassette copy a couple of years ago and sent it to me. The tape was so old it had a few smudges in it, but it does still sound pretty good. HAH. I was 25 then. I'm 66 now and still sing and play that one out in the band I'm in now.

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    • By CA3LE
      Wow... the new Macbook Pro rocks.
      This is on AC wireless, to my Netgear Nighthawk AC 1900 using Comcast 105 Mbps.  Using Safari.  Someone was recently emailing me about Safari.  They said they were getting lower readings on their Macbook pro, only in Safari.  Well, I'm testing under the same conditions... same computer, same browser.  I think you have something else causing an issue because on my network, it's screaming fast.

      Click the image and you'll see that one is a classic download test accompanied by a multithread speed test.
      While I'm on the subject of speed, look at the PCIe SSD performance...

      (testing with Blackmagic Disk Speed Test - by the way, my own write test of a 10GB disk image creation performed at a low of 780 MB/s and high of 988 MB/s so blackmagic seems to be a good disk speed test on Mac)
      The late 2013 Macbook is ridiculous. I have the 15 inch, fully upgraded with 1 TB SSD.

      Don't even get me started about the display.  Because of pixel doubling you can see that my screenshots are huge...
      I've been starting to notice that my iMac is slowing me down so I needed to upgrade.  But I wanted something portable.  I can output this to my iMac's display when I want to and get a nicer work space for the type of stuff I do and at the same time take full advantage of the second discrete graphics card... well to truly take advantage of it I'd need a 4k monitor but I'm waiting till 4k monitors are much cheaper.  It would be really nice but when the display costs more than the computer... loses it's appeal.  The 4k resolution is at a lower refresh rate too.  60 Hz 4k would be nice Apple.
      I think I need to replace my iMac's SSD.  I was getting 500 MB/s read and write at first but I've used it a lot... they degrade over time.  This is a 2011 model I bought in April.  With only 256 GB Corsair Performance Pro SSD

      Don't get me wrong, my iMac is still very fast.  But you guys know me... I have a need for speed.  It's kinda what I do... hence the website.  Anyone looking to upgrade to a laptop that can put badass desktop computers to shame should be looking at the new macbook line.  Pair it with a solid network and you can't go wrong.  I'll be able to blaze through my routine and get two or three times the work done.  
      You can't upgrade the memory later, so make sure that you get what you'll need up front... but speaking of SSD degradation.  The SSD is a discrete component according to my research... so that's good, although Apple says it's "not a user serviceable part" ... it is, I change "non user serviceable parts" all the time and I would bet that there will be third party drives released.  So when it degrades, which it will... it's replaceable.  ... 2000 MB/s SSD performance may be possible with aftermarket PCIe SSD.  They run PCIexpress 2.0, I believe it's 4 lanes.  So there is headroom there for improvement.  Time will tell.  Funny, the girl at Apple told me, "it's soldered on the board..." -- probably just wanted me to spring for the more expensive one.  Bitch.  Oh well, I'll put it to go use.
      All I know is that I'll be able to work faster and more conveniently now.  Thanks again Apple.  (killer battery life too, especially for an core i7.  Past hour, 9% used.)
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