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New, tired of buffering


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Hello everybody,


I actually found this sight because I am a hughes.net user and their web portals are often unavailable and downright not working.  I am tired of the video buffering problem that plagues my internet experience,  I have a question for anybody who knows the answer.


Does the internet service from Excede have better download speeds than hughes.net pro speed?.  


I am actually intrigued by their plans because they do offer more data for less monety than hughes.net; and in order to up my speed with hughes.net I will need to pay twice as much as I am now paying.  I rarely come close to using my 10 gig anytime data allowance, so I really do not think the extra data allowance in and of itself is reason enough to change service  However, if Excede has better speed than hughes.net, I might be ready to change plans because Hughes.net has been unable or unwilling to remedy the video buffering problems that their users have compalined about.


I would appreciate if anybody has an answer to my question above.  Thanks, my name is Blake

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I'm new to the site, trying to learn as much as I can about the Internet, how things works, how to make money...

We have a major TV/INTERNET/PHONE service provider in the San Diego area. They advertise speeds of 150 Mbps per. Second.

NOT EVEN CLOSE. Service was installed December 2, techs comming tomorrow, third time. They moved the motum, bla, bla, bla,

Any suggestions? Thank you, Steve

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Hi Steve, Welcome!


First thing, run some more tests on your Mac.




When I had Cox 150, I got a max of 125 Mbps... more often 80-90.


Test on your best computer.  Test wired directly to the router and also directly to the modem.  Those tests should provide the best results.  Then use those results as a benchmark to judge how well your wifi and other devices are working.

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