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Frontier is being sued...


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Here are some articles some might find of interest.  As of right now, the lawsuit is listing 3 people as plaintiffs, but many many more have signed up including myself for a lack of paid service.


Here is some reading material for you.


Feel free to comment and join in the lawsuit if you so wish.



If you want more info on the lawsuit... [email protected] or for the signup form http://ksgwv.com/frontier-contact-form.html

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One thing to note, when you read the part about "Frontier testing the plaintiffs lines, and the speeds was met", you have to take into consideration the following.


Frontier normally will do service calls up until around 5:00pm, the speed slow downs are in my case around 6:00pm and onward, you know when we all get home from work, including when the frontier guys get home from work. My point is, they normally do the speed checks in the morning to mid afternoon.  Never will they do it late at night unless you scream at them.

This is at 4:37pm my time... Eastern.




Wait until 8:00pm...... you can't stream, play games, use VOIP, netflix is out of the window.

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Just a little update, I heard from the lawyers today regarding the Class Action going on.  Frontier are supposed to reply by the 30th of this month, and once the suit is certified, it will then process onward with the rest of our state.


I have been told personally, mainly because I have been in contact with the directors and managers of this area.  They told me with a few weeks I should be getting a lot better speeds as they are installing second generation equipment to my area.... Yeah I know what you are thinking.


I have explained to them, I will start to shed my lines (all two of them) and my TV.  I am not paying for this any longer, not for what I am getting.


3 weeks have past, still nothing.... Did I expect anything but smoke blown up my chocolate starfish? no, not really.


Will keep this going, if you want to get in on this suit, I would advise you to go here http://www.ksgwv.com/frontier-contact-form.html?utm_source=Frontier+List+10_25_2014&utm_campaign=3b8e04f7b7-Frontier_Newsletter_1_24_151_24_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_147919fce0-3b8e04f7b7-200787317 and get in on this.


I do not expect to see anything from this (financially), I just want my service back to where it should be, what I am paying for. 

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So the lawyers have had a response from Frontier...


Here is what Frontier had to say, and I find it absurd.


We have received Frontier's response to the complaint, and they are arguing that all of Frontier's customers agreed to binding arbitration because Frontier put a note somewhere near the bottom of a bill stating that everyone who payed that bill also agreed to their binding arbitration clause buried somewhere on Frontier's website.  Yes, that includes the folks that believed the "no contract" ad, or so apparently says Frontier.



Here is a link to the arbitration notice.  http://www.ksgwv.com/documents/Arbitration_Motion.pdf?utm_source=Frontier+List+10_25_2014&utm_campaign=9d508d796e-Frontier_Newsletter_2_18_152_18_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_147919fce0-9d508d796e-200787317


If you are having issues, if you want to sign up, please do so here... http://www.ksgwv.com/frontier-contact-form.html?utm_source=Frontier+List+10_25_2014&utm_campaign=9d508d796e-Frontier_Newsletter_2_18_152_18_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_147919fce0-9d508d796e-200787317


On another note, WV Delegate Randy Smith is fighting to pass two bills in WV.  Both of which are being blocked by the GOP controlled house to run the bills. Frontier has its hands in the State Capitol, as Randy Smith has mentioned.


Some more of the crocked politics at play.

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Ohh, mentioned above was the "Second Generation Equipment". Yeah that never happened.  What they are doing or have done is "Groom the circuits" as they call it.  3 times they have done this, and I can tell you, it has done nothing.  My ass is so full of smoke right now, I am going to start using it to send indian smoke signals.

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a few years ago we, here in N. Idaho, got sold out by verizon to frontier. my dsl service is the worst i have had and i was on the net way before it became public. verison was not the fastest i had but they were better than comcast experience i had when i lived in washington (state). i have the basic service for dsl as i use netflix ocasionally. i have been testing my speed here for several days and the best speed i get is in the lower mid 700's which is similar to the testings i have been doing for the past couple of years. what interests me is that isp companies are able to advertize 2k when the actual max is nearly a third of that. that is false advertizing if i have ever seen one. why is it that there are no lawsuits on this? i think it is time to take this to a national level. i know frontier is more common on the east side but their crappy service is not limited to the east! if the government is on their side, perhaps we should be suing them instead! i am so sick of this monopolistic bs... we are all slaves to corporations. the only difference between us and the ancient egyptian slaves is that we are let to beleive we are free. internet speeds are just one little manifestation of the rediculous corporate wellfare state we have here largly thanks to the gop.

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In WV, we do have a lawsuit, right now it is aimed at 3 Frontier customers.  When this goes bigger it is going to hit Frontier hard, this is the first suit of many to come, think of this as testing grounds to see how this will pan out.


I will keep people informed of the results, I will try to maintain this topic as we go along.


I have started up a Frontier complaints page on Facebook if you are on it..  https://www.facebook.com/FrontierDSLSuck5

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So some good news on this, I received an email from the Lawyers in this case.  If you do not know, Frontier apparently put in the "Paper bills" that we must use Frontiers lawyers if we wish to sue them.  Now most of us are paperless and would never have seen or even heard about this, the clause as it has been explained to me is kinda amusing, because if you read it right, it would have said something like "if you do not agree to the arbitration clause, do not pay this bill"..  that is also a loose quote.


So the good news as mentioned above..  Frontiers move to dismiss this has been overturned, so far we have won this part of the battle, of which was a major part.  If Frontier had won this part, it would have been kicked out of court, meaning end of story.




That's right!  The Circuit Court of Lincoln County, in a 24 page opinion, ruled that the Defendant's motion to compel arbitration is denied and the case may proceed against Frontier.  While we except this ruling to be appealed, it is a huge step forward for the class action.  We hope to soon begin discovery and get closer to actually fighting to provide West Virginians with the internet service they need and pay for!


Here is a link to the Order Deny https://www.kswvlaw.com/documents/Order_deny_arb.pdf


This now puts us into a situation, a situation where the whole state of WV can now file into the suit when ready, and who knows where after that! maybe the whole country can get some justice on this sub-par communications company.


Myself and many around me, we have nothing less than 1Mbps all day long, in many cases my service is nothing better than 866Kbps.  If you know some about networks, I will explain something, and this is where TestMy.net comes into its own.


I can start a download to many websites, of which may only have one server, this connection would be classified as a single thread (one connection), where as YouTube and many bigger websites could use Multi thread (multiple connections).  So my download on many sites would be 866Kbps, I use this number because most of the time that is what it is.  While downloading, I can open another tab in my browser, and from the same site (TestMy.net) for instance and do another download of 866Kbps, I can do this multiple times until I max out my provisioned speed.


What this tell me is they are restricting or capping speed on single threads, but if I use a multi thread like YouTube for instance, or I run a multi thread test from TestMy.net, I can max out my Provisioned speeds of around 6-8Mbps.  Sounds fishy huh?.... That is because it is.


I used to max out 9 - 10 Mbps, I used to have one of the fastest connections around for quite some time, but for the past couple of years, I have had the worst and Frontier will not fix the issue, telling me my "Line Speed" is just fine.  Oh and they love to use the Ookla type speed tests, which are notoriously inaccurate.


I did as I advised Frontier, I got rid of one of my DSL lines, I also got rid of the TV.  They did on the other hand lie to the Attorney General, telling them that I use my line for business purposes and that I should upgrade to a business service for $80 something a month.  Now tell me that is not fishy also, I originally told Frontier that I do some work from home once in a while, mainly remote desktop stuff, and what I do with my service has absolutely nothing to do with them.  I was proving my point why this service I pay for is so slow.

Will keep updating as and when I get more information....

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Just an update on my service, apparently the guy I was dealing with originally was not worth a crap, I talked to his boss who did identify an issue.  Within 3 weeks, he had the old Verizon equipment ripped out of the wirehouse and dslam, put in new IP based hardware and boom, my service is back to the way it used to be.


As for the lawsuit, nothing new on it so far, the courts love to drag their feet on issues like this, all while Frontier are fighting to get it thrown out again.

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