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Dc++ Hubs. Anyone alive out there?

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- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC%2B%2B

- http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/


Dc++ Has really taken a fall as far as file sharing has gone, due to torrents really. Personally i still use DC++, & enjoy it quite a bit. The chat feature has enabled me to keep in touch with many friends over the years , as well as file share without being harassed.


Does anyone (other than myself)  still use it? Questions? Comments?


s1runsit.thc-network.org:411  <-- Thats the hub i run, free to all. Would love to see some new faces! :thumbsup:

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Public Hub List dc++ Client Dc



To get an International Hublist divided by nations go in your client and click
 CTRL+P, then click on configure and copy one of the following address:

DCHUBLIST – Client Dc++ – Magyar hublista -Hublisty

Welcome to DC++ – DCHUBLIST – Client Dc++  DC Хаблист

To use our hublist in DC++ copy one of these links ( depends on the DC++ client ) in File > Settings > Downloads > Public Hubs Lis URL



http://dchublist.biz/?do=hublist.config.bz2                            (for DC++ clients older than 0.4033)







Link Client Dc ++




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I still use DC++. I noticed that as of a few years ago almost all hubs have stopped enforcing rules. Before that most hubs had strict requirement for slot count and kicked for using "netlimiter" or fake share. Now DC is relatively free for all. Most hubs still kick for spam, but sometimes not even that. I wonder to what extent that is because internet has become faster. (Some torrent trackers also became ratio free.) Or maybe hubs just want to keep users.

I see that most users in public hubs today come from Romania/Italy and Russia. The variety and quality of content available isn't as great. DC used to be used in Sweden in the past. Not so much I guess. There are some small hubs that seem to keep a circle of friends together.






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