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tmn is now giving results that are too fast

Go to solution Solved by spypet,

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testServer=east and both tests were repeatedly run within a minute of each other.

nothing has changed about my 50/5 8:4 ISP service or my PC - this is all on you.  




BTW you really need to do something about your results wallpaper and results font color.

the contrast between them is so bad that it's very hard to read your blue test results.

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Did you delete the results?


I'm moving servers around right now.  Adding some, removing some.  Setting them all up fresh.  Yesterday some settings were mixed and results for that mirror were high.  It should be corrected now though.  Test again so I can see your results.


I changed that background so it's easier to read.  Hope that helps too.



Oops!  I see the problem now.  Sigh.  Could have sworn I went over things 4 times.  Human mistake.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  You caught that fast!    


I'll take a minute to go over all the mirrors again to make sure everything is in perfect order.

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Everything looks good.  Results for the last 12 hours on the DC server were high but are back to normal now.


Thanks for keeping me on my toes.  I'm the only person at TestMy.net and my visitors are the only ones that are checking my work. Your feedback helps me immensely.

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OK, tests seem back to normal now, thanks for you time.




I'm noticing other intermittent weirdness,

but I'll let others complain about it - LOL


What kind of intermittent weirdness?


I can't seem to get out of the habit of working on the site live.  As I'm uploading and editing files it sometimes causes issues.  The other day for instance I was making edits to the part of the program that resolves the location variables.  I made a mistake that pushed the array one number over, so all the locations resolved to their neighbor.  Things like that I quickly catch but if you loaded a page at the right time you might see it.  When you see things like that just know that it's me working.  I make edits, upload refresh and check the output... over and over and over, hundreds of times per hour.  


The other day I accidentally killed the site with my editing, the file uploaded half way and my connection dropped out.  Critical file... killed everything.  Took about 45 seconds to get back online and re-upload the file.  Things happen... but it's how I work.  I've tried like 10 times to change my style but I work best under the pressure of the live environment. 


I'm about to go on break so you shouldn't see anything intermittently weird... at least until my next programming cycle.    :headbang:

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I've had the same TWC 50/5 plan here since the first of the year or so, and I typically get results on my iMac with Ethernet in the 48-54 Mbps range down ( depending on time of day) and 5.2 to 5.4 up. It's been like that for over 10 months. Whenever it's below those numbers, it's usually better minutes later. Thus far TWC Cincinnati seems to have solved their performance issues - they were terrible on the 20/1 plan, where it typically gave me between 3 and 14 down, and 0.8 up.

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