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Upload test issue - East server

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I'm having an issue running the upload test on the US East (Washington DC) server.


I chose to default to that server since it is closest to my physical location to see the speed variances. Choosing the default choice of the Central server drops my speed results significantly (for example, the download test to US East reports 89mbps while Central reports 33).


If I try the upload test on US East, it will start at 9MB and then readjust to 27MB, test that, and then give me a white screen at east.testmy.net/uploader and do nothing else.


If I use the Central server, it will only adjust up to 13.3MB and report my upload speed at 17.3mbps. If I use the CDN Central, it will adjust up to 27 and report my upload speed at 33.34.


I have no idea how to get the East server to function.


This is theoretically a FIOS 75/75 line from NYC.


Running Firefox 33.1 on Windows 7 64 Pro

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No, actually there was a bug.  Well, not really a bug... a setting on the server was defaulted to the wrong setting.  


This has been corrected.  This was only an issue for the largest test sizes and was affecting all the new servers I just put online.  No longer an issue.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

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