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been playing around with linux


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so i installed Zorin 9 core and have it set as a windows 7 type theme (was default and it looked pretty sweet with the task bar and all being transparent bright blue). messed around with compiz, did some terminal commands that i am not used to just to familiarize myself with linux again.


well, i encountered a problem as i couldnt find a skype install for my zorin OS, so i installed the ubuntu 12.04 multiarch i believe it was and it runs great. after some research this is what i found would be the best bet for working and seems to do the job. BUT now on startup every single time i would get a pop up with an error saying "system program problem detected" and i knew it was from the skype install as thats the only time it happened.


so i went off to the terminal and did the command to remove all old crash logs which seemed to fix it. 


my question is, why does it seem to store old crash logs and keep displaying them on start up? im refreshing myself with linux so i might just be overlooking something.


btw, here's the terminal entry i did to remove old crash logs.

sudo rm /var/crash/* 
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haha, you mean break the install by learning what not to do :P  or at least thats how it usually works for me.

Yes exactly. 


My suggestion is to spin up a minimal install, get the network going and learn basic commands. aka: top, ntop, nano(basic editor), find out where your network config files are and get familiar with them, yum/aptiude/apt /(distro specific package managers  used to add, change update specific applications or the entire system) wget(grab a file) , find where your repo settings are, how to add / remove them. Learn to search for available package (applications and dependencies specific to your distro and version).


After this then install the desktop GUI from command line. 

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