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So I bought a new GPU...

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Needless to say it was to long for my case. So I bought a new case. It also required me to buy a new PSU. So I bought a new PSU. $300 later my GPU works.

This is to replace the old one I had that was dieing. So far it's handling nicely. And this new case is much nicer as well. And substantially larger. Cleaned my wiring mess up fairly well. Next mission is to replace one of the HDD's with another SSD, to RAID 1 with the current, and then replace the remaining HDD's with two 1T or 2T HDD's in RAID 1.

Of course a CPU upgrade is in the future as well.








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$24k, no thanks. Lol

I prefer building my own anyway. I even have a specific list of items:

->Two 2TB or larger HDD's in RAID 1

->Two 480GB or larger SSD's in RAID 1

->Intel Core i7 and appropriate Motherboard

->Another Sapphire 6970 2GB to Crossfire

->16GB or 32GB of RAM (whatever board will support max)

This list is designed from what needs done first to what needs done last. Once all of these are done I'll be rebuilding the old PC I had with the SSD in this, the board and CPU from this, the 560TI, the RAM from this, and the 1TB HDD from this again and give it to my little brother methinks.



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