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HELP, Been Mass Deleted :( :(


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I was spudler_t on here for years, used this site multiple times monthly to keep Comcast/ Xfinity honest with advertised speeds.

Now sadly my profile was deleted or something and all my awesome data I have acquired to show them when my speed is not up to average is gone and even though I was informed to re register with same user name for some reason the site no longer allows user names with a _ so I registered as spudlert.

Please if you can figure out a way to connect this new profile name with my old one or better yet let me use spudler_t again I would so appreciate it.

Not to mention I was a beta tester and would like that ability again.

You know I love this site and have tweeted it many times , I am also the one who had so much issues with Norton Safe search and their incorrectly blocking the site and displaying Suspicious web page detected.

I think all my complaining has finally caused them to fix this issue was I have not had it lately.


Thank you :)

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Oh ya , I know it was not Intentional, I believe there was a major or Mass Deletion of accounts to remove those dam annoying Spammers ( Which I totally understand and agree with) I just believe I was caught in Friendly Fire of sorts.

AKA my account was K.I.A.

I just hope it is possible to get my data reconnected along with my posts etc.

It would be sad if I actually had to start from Scratch.

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Hey supplier_t .. I fixed your account.  You had an extra issue because it wouldn't let you register names with an underscore.  I fixed that too.


Anyone else this may have happened to just re-register your old name and it will automatically connect your old stats.  I'm really sorry about the inconvenience.  Deleting mass amounts of spam accounts and apparently a few legit members were swept up in it.  I deleted 40-50k accounts based on certain criteria... at one point I mis-entered something and in that moment I had a feeling that at least a few real accounts were mixed in there.  But the command was entered.  To reverse it would have taken hours... and I was unsure if it even happened.  I don't think very many real people were in there.


Oh well, it's an easy fix.  


For anyone else this may have happened to, if for any reason you can't get your old account registered make a random username, PM me with your old name and I'll fix it like I did here.


Happy Testing!

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Well I spoke to soon, My profile name has the _ now but Sadly all my posts and trust stuff is still missing.

Will this be permanent?

DO I lose my Beta Tester status too?

:sad1:  :sad2:


No worries, you're a beta tester again and I linked up your old content.  It's not showing on your profile yet but under the topics you've posted to they're correctly linked to your new account.  I even changed the date you joined back to 2009.  

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