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Directway 6000 and router..Help please

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a DirecWay 6000 Satellite modem.  It works fine connected directly to the computer.  I installed a Netgear wireless router with four ports.  I can communicate to the router just dandy.  I can't get to the internet.  I always get "page can not be displayed message".  I tried telling the router to not automatically find the connection and plugged in the servers manually.  I still had no luck.

Any help from someone experienced with this type system would be appreciated.



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Hi and welcome to the site, hope you like it and tell your friends. :D Try unplugging your router and cable modem fro bout 30 minutes to get it to reset. The modem is probably what is giving you trouble. Try it, if it doesnt work post again.

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thanks for the reply.  I did what you said.  No luck!..  I can ping the modem just fine.  Also, I see my computer listed on the router.  I am just not getting out from my computer to the internet.  I can unplug the router and go direct from the sat modem just fine.

Also, i did not mean to cross post.  I was not sure where this topic belonged.  Sorry to have riled you folks.


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Hey m8,

Where are the smart guys...these girls are getting antsie.  I am at the office right now trying to figure this problem out.

Tell me something....if I did away with the router altogether and bought a hub, would this solve the problem? 

I could plug our computer plus the wireless access point into the hub, I believe.

Also, I have since found out (before this post) that the Directway 6000 acts as it's own router.  This would be the reasoning behind why I get a on a ipconfig through winders xp.

any thoughts?


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