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Can I let others access my test results?

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Apologies if this question has been asked before. I couldn't find anything relevant to it on the forum.


I've been running some automatic tests over several days, and the results show that my download speed is very unstable, occasionally peaking at about 5.5 Mbps but sometimes down as low as 135 Kbps. I have attached a screenshot of the graph of the test results.


I would like to give my ISP a link which would take them to the page which lists these results, so they could see the speeds measured and the graph. Is that possible? I can't see any "share these results" facility in TestMy.net, so I guess it can't be done, but I thought I would ask.


I know I can export the results to a CSV file, and send that to my ISP. But if they could see the results on this website it would really help to authenticate them. My ISP is very quick to deny any speed problems or to suggest that my equipment is at fault, and for all they know I might have made up the CSV file.


Thanks for any help.



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In its simplest form you can share your basic stats by clicking "Results" in the main menu, then copy the url from the address bar.


Your results, while you're signed in are saved to https://testmy.net/quickstats/guyhoghton - all results including tests taken when you weren't signed in can be found under https://testmy.net/compID/735736523613 but it changes when your IP changes so saving by username, like you're doing now, is best.


Below the graph you'll see share links... but you must have flash installed.  If they won't work for you they won't be there.  Eventually I'll rewrite this to work for everyone.  The advantage of those links is that when you modify the query it modifies the links to match.


Make it look how you want...


click "Share This Query" and 

copies to clipboard. guyhoghton 12/31/2014 5 days 1k results graphed


If you don't have copy to clipboard available look closely at the url, modify the variables to suit your needs.  There are many ways you can control TMN with url parameters, watch your address bar as you use the site for clues.


Personally, I wouldn't send CSV either.  I'd link them the results like I just discussed.  This way they can see the results and details how you do, they're validated and the techs can query the results any way they'd like on their end to get a better idea of what's happening.


It looks to me like you've gathered enough data to illustrate a point.  As long as you're certain that there isn't someone using up part of your bandwidth within your network during those hours... you may be dealing with network congestion.


I'd run another auto test, download only... your upload doesn't seem to be the real issue here.  This time do a couple things differently.  First, enable multithread, then auto test (download only / every 15 minutes / minimum 3 MB)  Run it 100 times to get a little over 24 hours.


Let me know when that's done and I can help you make a separate query to illustrate those results too.

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