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is there something wrong with forum?


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Browsers are for the most part torched anymore.

Silently, it would seem, many players battling over the very interface everyone's first contact to the net.

Nothing truly changes, outside of who is collecting what data, and who can draw less attention to who is collecting said data.



1160 Mbps geezus NICE! :icon_thumright:

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Sadly that won't last it had to be an oversight somehow on Xfinity/Comcast's part.

I remember long ago a ISP did that left the modem uncapped for like 3 days

Back when they had to do stuff in person not with the magic hookus cadabra , abra capokus  software, remote intrusion tactics of nowdays.

But then I think we were all excited about 1.5 Mbps or something truly slugworthy by todays standards.

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