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Correct purchased speeds, slow response time if any usage

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I pay for 50down, 5up. I get the speeds most of the time. Not a problem.


However, anytime (100% of the time) if i use any bandwidth (WITH program/download/livestreaming/etc, download or especially upload) my internet connection response time as a whole, go through the roof.


The easiest example of usage would be to just do a normal speed test:

If im in a game the ping would skyrocket (especially during upload test) and experience massive delays,


Pinging google.com -> add an additional few hundred ms while test being downloaded/uploaded


Browsing or loading video (4K video, etc) -> massive slowdown


Or often I would stream to twitch.tv with open broadcaster software. When i was using comcast in another city its natural to stream @ 3500kb/s bitrates. But if i use that setting my connection response times would all shit itself. Have to lower it to 1000-1800kb/s.


Most of my usage i don't even reach half the speeds i pay for, but experience consistent response time hauls.


Talked to TWC tech support supervisors and TWC office tech supervisors, they are all fairly useless. Although can be assured there is no problem with my software or hardware. One of the retarded supervisors at the TWC office kept repeating to me if "your using your speeds of course your internet will slow down!"


TL:DR: Connection speeds look great, but if any decent usage of bandwidth connection response times go through the roof.


Help/suggestions/ideas, thanks

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Yeah i kinda saw. disabled NAT BOOST to enable bandwidth control. it can set min/max bandwidth usage for each port range for each ip range (so i entered ports games use. however its just setting min max usage...). How exactly do i "Prioritize" what packets/for what ports??


http://puu.sh/eCTwl/1214f3252c.pngthat is all there is (and what i tried so far), and the manual's worthless. Doesn't say anything about prioritization of packets/ports


getting SOME weird mixed results

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Tp-link version steps are super confusing the archer c8 aka ac1750 which the archer c7 also shares the same codename how about the model number on the bottom of the router

Reason I ask is because you may need to flash an aftermarket firmware such as dd-wrt to get packet scheduling support after more look into the interface I'm seeing you can only set limits by ip or port and not by packet type

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