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I cleaned my desk off and my speeds went up by 33%


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I noticed a few weeks back that my Wireless speed test results on my iPad had been trending down for a couple of months. When I'd test with the iPad right next to the AirPort Extreme Base Station on my desk, the speeds were good. I noticed a stack of papers and CDs on the desk only 6" or so from the AEBS that had slowly over time gotten to be about 10" high, effective putting a pretty solid wall along one edge of the AEBS. I slid the pile over to the middle of the desk (away from the AEBS and went back out into the garage (my smoking & iPad lounge), and ran some tests. Much faster. In the past two weeks since I moved the pile, it's been about 1/3 faster consistently. Conclusion: Paper piles are much more dense than house walls.

The pile is still in the middle of my desk.

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