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lack of connectivity on hughes net via Dish Net. under 1mbps in evening


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I worked with Hughesnet/Dishnet (they are the same product, just different names) for several years. After seeing the extreme slow down and suffering through bad support via foreign call centers, I dumped offering an inferior product and started an exede dealership. Best decision I ever made. The product is superior in every way. Some areas now have virtually unlimited data package available. Most areas east of the Mississippi are in the  exede 12/3+ Mbps footprint, including some western areas as well. Some coverage areas offer 5/1 Mbps footprint. Even still, the data packages all offer an unlimited free data download zone  either from 12-5 a.m. or 3-8 a.m everyday + better data packages, most have unlimited surfing available and much faster service along with superior customer support located in the USA only.

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   I made the mistake of signing up for the most expensive Dish (Hughes) internet package ($99.99/month) with advertised speed of 10Mbps. I'm lucky to get 1%-7% of that from 7am until after midnight. Had 3 different techs come out over a 3 month period to try to fix. The last tech was a field manager who said, and I quote: "Dish outsells it's ability to provide any decent bandwidth. If it were up to me I would do it differently but it's not. I'm really sorry folks. You don't know how many times I've told other people the same thing."

   Dishes solution to the problem is to let me out of my contract without charging me an early termination fee. How generous of them. To not charge me for a service they don't provide......

   Why aren't more people complaining about this?!?

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