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Need help with test please

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I'm running two auto tests right now myself and they're chugging along.  I can also see many of our regulars testing.  You can tell by looking at their results that they're coming off the auto test because of the time regularity in the results.  So I'm confident that it's working...


Here's a couple of direct links to auto speed tests that are already configured.

Hint: I recommend testing at a 9:1 (download:upload) test ratio... upload usually doesn't fluctuate as pronounced as download.  Testing it all the time can be a waste of time and resources unless you have specific issues that you know are affecting your upload speed.  


Looking at your results so far... I'd just test the download speed.  So those are the links I provided.   :wink:



First try the 5x5 test.  Reloads quicker so you can get answers faster, you only need to see it reload once to know that you'll be fine for all the other tests. Run that to make sure that you don't have an issue with it reloading correctly.  If you do, I recommend clearing cache and cookies and trying again.  If you still have issues try using another browser like Chrome.  (I see you're using Firefox.  Firefox is actually perfect for TMN... it's a browser that listens to commands very well, more raw in operation than others.  We've highly recommended it here since it came out.  But it doesn't hurt to try another because something could be configured wrong in the browsers settings.  If you've messed with the browsers settings heavily or installed a lot of add-ons/plugins then I'd definitely try in another browser, preferably a fresh default install.)


After you start a test, leave that browser alone.  Open it in another window or another browser all together separate from what you normally use.  You don't really need to, I often run the auto test in a browser tab in a browser with 50 active tabs while I surf around... including heavy browser media activity and it always reloads for me.  But if you should always remove variables if you can.  Especially if you have performance issues you're trying to nail down.


Here's a big one.  Is your computer falling asleep?   Make sure that your power management settings are set to keep the computer awake.  Even if you have 'wake on LAN' .. that doesn't help in this situation. Your computer needs to be aware to be able to initiate the test.  Obviously the screen can be off as long as the computer is still thinking.


Let me know how it goes.

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I tried to run both tests and they are not working for me. Then I tried to run them on different browsers and I can't sign in to FF. I tried to sign in with Facebook,that did not work either.for Chrome.
I think I also need to cancel this account (Pale Moon) and try again. Somehow I messed up my username and I can't get in. Am scared if the browser crashes I won't be able to get back in.

But apart from that I still can't run the auto tests, signed in or not, which is weird.  any help would be appreciated.

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