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Image gallery software 'suggestions'


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I've been using gallery2 for several years, works great.


However the way it's setup the images do not get indexed very well. I've got thousands of images and a very small amount of them actually 'google'


Installed gallery3 a year or so ago, honestly sick of trying to get it functioning properly with what I have going on.


Coppermine is simply not what I can use.


So I'm looking for an open source free solution I can replace the current system with. Images are copywritten so they must remain on the server.


Been a year or more since I've visited this issue, so some of you may know a 'better way'


Suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'm interested in this aswell

There are quite a few 'new to me', or php + database galleries that were not getting the attention they were a couple years ago. However finding the time to really get into each one to determine if they will work for my situation, and function correctly in an embedded format, is another thing.


I'm considering simply writing my own for very basic, and pure image manipulation server side. I've got idea's written, full stop at that point. I'll have to pick away at it. 


Though if there is something great, I'll use that.

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