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streaming questions

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I don't know the actual verbiage needed to ask this so hopefully it makes a enough sense for someone to answer.


I use three movie/tv streaming providers, two run great never any "buffering" issues, the third, and of course my favorite has buffering issues during prime time hours. The provider keeps saying it's something on my end. I explain to them that I can stream a 1080hdx movie, and Netflix on two other TV's all at the same time. Nothing ever slows down to buffer, no issues what so ever. Then I tell them that I can turn off/unplug/take the batteries out of anything in the house that may receive a signal, try to use their service during prime time and it either spends the whole time loading or buffering every 40 seconds. Based on that info, I don't really believe its an issue on my end (I could be wrong).


Now for the confusing part.  If I have to have a download rate of 15mbps to receive streamable data relatively issue free, is there a base output speed/rate(??) that Netflix/Vudu or similar providers use to ensure that if all their customers sit down to watch tv at 8:00 p.m., that their output?? server?? speed is fast enough to handle however many viewers that may be and that half of them don't get stuck watching a "buffering" message?  

If that made any sense, any info would be greatly appreciated.





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