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Craig Frank

Testing hasn't worked in weeks!

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Never seen that error.  Thank you for taking the time to report this.


So, it does the download test, then the upload test and gives you the error as it loads the results?  Have you tried running the tests individually?  Sign out and try again?  If you get the error again please take note of the exact time.


Let me know and I'll look deeper into it for you.  Right now I can't duplicate the error and nobody else is having the same issue that I'm aware of.

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So looking into that portion of the code... there was an instance that the POST variable could turn into GET.  The reason it's there is defunct so I removed it.  If this is the reason you were getting an error you must have followed a link somewhere (maybe in the forum) to enable one of the two (old) CDN servers that in turn flip that variable.  I need to go through and make sure those links revert to default.


The system's updated, try again and let me know if that helped.  


Another thing to try is clearing your cookies, if this is the reason you were getting the error clearing your cookies would have reverted you to default.

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It appears that the issue was related to the upload testing.  I initially got the error again when I ran the upload test by itself but afer I cleared my cookies/cache files in Firefox, I no longer get the error.


It could have also been resolved by the bug fix that was directly related to your report.  I really feel like you must have clicked an antiquated link... somewhere.  Thanks again for reporting this.  

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