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Need help


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I am suffering with a lack of terminology for an argument with my ISP.


Here is the situation.


DSL PPoE, 2 DSL Modems both provisioned at 8 down and .8 up.


Running a pure download of a 10MB file, I can only peak at maybe 1.2Mbps.  P2P I can max out and exceed 8Mbps, running tests on other sites that use multiple streams (this is where the terminology fails me) I can max out near my provisioned speed.


I want to say my ISP is traffic shaping on port 80, and I have accused them of this, of which they say otherwise.


So, I need your help with the terminology to throw at them.  Something is going on, I can't put my finger on it and it has been like this for a year now.

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Yeah I have ran them before without finding anything credible.  It seems that port 80 traffic is slower than anything else, Glasnost is only looking at one form of traffic and has nothing to compare with.


Peer 2 Peer is what I believe "Multi-Homed" if that is the correct terminology, which is why I can peak out my bandwidth.  Something happened, got changed by my ISP to stop this happening on port 80.  I used to peak on port 80 using the speed tests on this site, I can no longer do that.


As mentioned, my ISP have done something, maybe not traffic shaping as we know it, but they are not allowing "Multi-Homed" connections on http traffic.


I thought maybe it was my machine, but I have several machines in this house, including 2 servers that I have tested from.  I have gone to the extent of moving my modems to 10 feet from the NID and ran 2 new CAT 6 cables back to my PFSense router.  I thought maybe it was PFSense doing it, bypassed it and plugged direct into the modems, reset and put back to (Unbridged) mode to make everything as standard as possible.


Technicians come out here, they test my connection to the lightspan without issues, he says the DSLAM is at 99% capacity, but the area Manager is telling me, he pulled logs for the past 30 days and has seen no network congestion.  Of which I know is BS, half of this state has congestion issues.


I am out of options, they are putting up a wall to stop my accusations and now they are trying to tell me I am the only one affected by this, which I also know is BS.

Multithreading, that is the term I was looking for.

Running a multithread test on here, is near maxing out my connection.  Or at least 5Mbps which is better than the single thread, which is my primary complaint.  This never used to happen, something changed on their end to do this to me and everyone else in my area.


So results are,  

Multithread 5Mbps

Singlethread <>1Mbps

Singlethread is normally around 300Kbps most nights.

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Appears they have had to take actions in filtering, shaping and as well QOS + deeper, would be my first impression. In the attempt to spread what throughput is available among requests. If this was not implemented, as you know, one node could easily absorb all available bandwidth, leaving others to suffer 56k experiences. 


They are most likely doing the best they can with what they have, in order to bring revenue to expand throughput not necessarily bandwidth itself. 


Though in theory what they have sounds infantile. Since it does not function as intended. If so, at the load factor on the node, no one connection could exceed the spec, your basically bypassing their config by P2P, which explains the majority are not utilizing the protocol. Hence, they could consider you part of the problem lol. Which of course you are not, though in terms of allowing all customers to have access at a specified minimum level. [at peak levels]

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Exactly what I was thinking, in a sense anyway.  They do deny doing this, but I would expect nothing less.  Either he knows or he is ignorant to the facts.


Either way, they need to fix the issues and not put a bandaid on them.  Just amusing and frustrating at the same time, with the BS they try to feed me.  I am not that stupid, I know what they are doing.

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I am not that stupid, I know what they are doing.


... why not find another provider who will deliver?  Do you have limited options in a remote area or something?


If I ever felt lied to or given the run around... I'd be shopping for a new provider.  Surely they aren't the only game in town.


You shouldn't have to multithread to pull your full speed.  You didn't have to before.


Multithread is where you're downloading from multiple sources or splitting a task into a bunch of processes vs one process.  Multi-homed is different, that's where a computer or device is connected to multiple networks to increase reliability.  e.g. TestMy.net's servers have multi-homed bandwidth from over 25 tier 1 providers.  You connect through only one provider at any given time but having those options there increase reliability and decrease network congestion.

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Yeah, Multithread was the terminology I was seeking.


unfortunately, for me they are the only game in town.  Frontier come in and trash what was once a good service, there has been reports they do this so they can cut back on bandwidth, just to lower their costs.


I can get Comcast if I want it, but I can't justify spending $20,000.00 on 500ft of wire.  So I am stuck, they have told me they are going to monitor my connections.  Right now, my wife is streaming netflix, she is pulling between 4 to 5Mbps.  I presume it is a multithreaded connection, if I do a test on this site, it is down to 1Mbps or less in most cases.


I understand cutting costs, if I find out the truth, I will go to the papers over this dodgy, corrupt so called company.

You should read all of the excuses they gave me.... I have every e-mail the Area Manager has sent me, with all the reasons under the sun.


It started out with network congestion, then the DSLAM was too old and not on IP technology? it needed this new card which never came, we are going to upgrade that area, back to congestion, telling me there was a mass exodus of Comcast users and they are all streaming Netflix, they pruned my circuit, routed me via different POPs, do this, did that and more.


I had a technician roll to investigate my issue, for the 20th time, in his report was DSLAM at 99% capacity.  When I asked about the capacity issue, I am being ignored.  Then in the last email, the DSLAM is only at 30%.

Sorry, but the BS is not playing well with me anymore.  lol

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